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    Party Planning Party with Voluntario Global!

    This sounds great.. I just moved to Buenos Aires and I am staying in San Telmo.. I'm also interested in doing volunteer work here.... Count me in:) I look forward to meeting you all.
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    Isabel looking for interesting friends in BA

    Hi Isabel, My name is Anna Maria.. I just moved to Buenos Aires last Friday. I am a artist from EEUU, and I came here to Buenos Aires to work on my new series of paintings, and also teach english.. Since I am new here, and don't know many people I would love to hang out sometime. The city...
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    Someone out for a drink?

    Hi Isabella and Peter My name is Anna Maria.. I am from the states as well.... I will be staying here for 6 months.. teaching English. I just got here last Friday, and would love to meet people to hang out with. Send me a email or call me when when you both want to get together. my cell...
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    Looking for apartment/or artist studio in San Telmo

    Hi I will be moving to Buenos Aires in November, and I am looking for an apartment in San Telmo. The thing is I am a artist, and will be painting a lot so I do not need any nice special clean place.. Just a place with a lot of sunlight and space.... I could share an apartment too.. if...