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  1. nlaruccia

    Can someone take something to Argentina for me?

    Hello, I need to send a camera and photographic equipment to a friend in Buenos Aires from NYC. Is anyone traveling there in the next month or so that could take it with them? Thanks.
  2. nlaruccia

    Instituto Carranza.

    How’s anyone ever had dental work done at Instituto Carranza?
  3. nlaruccia

    Anyone Need Anything From The States?

    Hello, I’ll be traveling from NYC to BA December 27 for a couple of weeks. If anyone needs me to bring something small that can fit into a small suitcase, please PM me.
  4. nlaruccia

    Sad But True.

    An interesting article.
  5. nlaruccia

    Looking For Apartment To Rent In December.

    Hi, my friend is coming to visit BaAs December 1-9. The apartment she was going to stay in fell through. Does anyone know someone who's renting a furnished apartment for tourists? PM me. Thanks.
  6. nlaruccia

    Recommendations For A Traumatologist.

    I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good traumotologo that speaks some English for a friend traveling to Buenos Aires. It doesn't matter which insurance because she'll be paying out of pocket. Thanks. PM if you can.
  7. nlaruccia

    Chromecast In Argentina.

    My friend wants to buy and HDMI television in Garbarino or Rodo for his apartment. Does anyone known if TVs come with chromecast? If not he'll buy one in the States.
  8. nlaruccia

    Anyone Traveling To New York From Buenos Aires?

    Is anyone traveling to New York City anytime soon? I'm hoping someone can fit 6 or 7 Frontline cat flea treatments, which are very tiny, in their suitcase. They cost around $5 US in Argentina and $60 US in the States. Of course you will be compensated. PM if you're interested or know anyone who...
  9. nlaruccia

    Moving Sale Tomorrow

    Tomorrow from 2-5pm I'm going to have a moving sale in Caballito in Primera Junta. Women's clothes, washing machine, furniture, tools, books, shoes, etc. PM me for details.
  10. nlaruccia

    Garage Sale/feria Americana

    I still have several things: a washing machine in perfect condition, toaster oven, and a lot of kitchen items not in the Flickr photos. I'm going to host a garage sale this Saturday afternoon in Caballito near Av. Rivadavia 5400, line A subway stop Primera Junta. PM if you're interested and I'll...
  11. nlaruccia

    English Books For Sale.

    New items offered: books in English, fabulous high heels, tools, etc.
  12. nlaruccia

    Books For Sale.

    New items added to moving sale. Everything must go, prices negotiable. Lots of books, jewelry, tools, women's high heels and boots, etc.
  13. nlaruccia

    Moving Sale.

    I still have a lot of things for sale and added some new things: Prada purse from Italy, Panasonic laser multifunction, and other interesting objects. Everything must go by end of March. Original Prada bat $300 US or equivalent en pesos
  14. nlaruccia

    Taking Bicycle On The Airplane.

    Does anyone have experience with taking a bicycle on an airplane. I'm going to be traveling with two huge suitcases and a cat as well. The shipping company said it's not worth it to ship and take it on the airplane with me. I have no idea how to wrap, where you find the wrap and if it requires a...
  15. nlaruccia

    Moving Sale.

    Everything must go and I'm open to negotiating the prices. I'm also selling a Fiat Palio Weekend that's advertised in the classifieds section in the car section. Send me a PM if you're interested or email me at
  16. nlaruccia

    Fiat Palio Weekend Rural 5 Ptas. 2006

    As I'm leaving Argentina in a few weeks, I must sell my beloved car. It had one owner before me, who had it parked inside his garge for 7 years and and I only used it on the weekends, which is why it runs like a new car with only 21,000 km. I'm asking for $88,000 pesos. PM if you have any...
  17. nlaruccia

    Moving Home With Argentine Car.

    I couldn't find anything in the search function about leaving Argentina with an Argentine car except for threads about crossing the border to Chile or Bolivia. Has anyone moved back to their home country across seas and brought their Argentine car with them?
  18. nlaruccia

    Conmen On Mercadolibre Getting More Creative.

    There have been previous posts on the topic of Mercadolibre and scams, and I found this one particularly intriguing and hopefully it will informative for those who sell items via Mercadolibre. An acquaintance of mine sold his iPhone 5 on Mercadolibre. The buyer agreed to make a direct deposit...
  19. nlaruccia

    Bed Bugs.

    Can anyone by any chance identify this tiny little red bug. I thought maybe the bites on my arm were caused by fleas but I fumigated my apartment twice, gave my cat three topical solutions and a pill and took him to the vet. I see black specks on the sheets and sometimes a tiny blood stain and...
  20. nlaruccia


    My friend is in NYC and his apartment in Alto Palermo has cockroaches. I talked to the encargado and the administracion is changing fumigator companies so he told me to check back in two weeks. By any chance, can anyone recommend a decent fumigator in that area? Or even not in that area? Just...