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    Moving Sale - Electronics, Books, Detergent

    Moving on Sunday and selling these things before I go. Prices are negotiable. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! Electronics Hair dryer (excellent condition) - $50 pesos 2 Samsung cellphones (good condition) - $50 pesos each Sony DSC-T100 8.1 Megapixel digital camera (poor...
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    For Sale: Detergent, Fabric Softener, Shampoo

    I'm moving out of BsAs and have a bunch of extra detergent, fabric softener and shampoo lying around. It's all unopened and has never been used. If you want to buy any of this for less than you can buy it in the store, please contact me. Thanks! 5Kg bag of Ala Laundry detergent $25...
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    For Sale: Used Laptop, Camera and Cellphones

    Hey, After a year in Buenos Aires, I'm headed home. I don't want to backpack around with any of the electronics that I own and I won't need the Argentine cellphones I have, so I'm trying to sell it all before I go. Please contact me if you're interested in any of the items listed below...
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    How do I deal with a crazy landlord?

    My girlfriend and I are moving out from an apt. on the 30th, but we're worried we aren't going to get our deposit back from our crazy landlords. We have done nothing wrong and the place is spotless. It's much much cleaner than the shape it was when when we rented it, so there really isn't a...
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    Soccer jerseys?

    Anyone know where I can find replicas of soccer jerseys? Would actually prefer to get a cheaper t-shirt version that just looks similar to the real thing. Will probably go look in Once, but if anyone has any other ideas I'd love to hear them! Thanks!
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    I'd like to buy some very affordable (but not too tacky) sunglasses since I predict I'll probably either lose or break them within the next 6 months. Any suggestions on a place to buy some? Thanks.
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    Flying to Montevideo

    I'm going to Punta del Este soon for 4-5 days. The most time efficient way (45 min. flight vs. ) to go is to fly into Montevideo and then take a bus to Punta (it's only $115 USD to fly to Montevideo but flying into Punta costs an extra $100 USD). I'm wondering though if that's worth it or if I...
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    Nearly Pickpocketed on the Bus

    Although I'm sure that all big cities have a fair amount of pickpockets, tonight was the first time I've encountered any. So I wanted to just recount the story in order let expats know about at least one scenario to be aware of. I was riding a very crowded 55 colectivo from Palermo to Parque...
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    Kick it for Hati Soccer Tournament Jan. 31

    Just wanted to mention that this Sunday, there is a soccer tournament in B.A. to raise funds for Haiti. It's $200 pesos to register a team of 5-7 players, and then each team is encouraged to raise additional funds.
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    Yeast won't rise

    I've tried to bake bread, pastries, and pizza dough from scratch 3 times now, but the dough won't rise. When I test the yeast it doesn't really appear to be active, but I have just given it a shot anyway. I've tried 2 different brands of yeast. I've tried using bottled water. Nothing seems...
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    How to get USD for rent without fees?

    Hey, I just put down $1000 pesos to reserve a great apartment for Jan 1st. The realtor gave me a break in the price since I am willing/able to pay for 6 months up front. But she's asked me to pay within the next week or so. I've been trying to figure out how to get about $5,000 USD quickly...
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    Milk sold in bags?

    Anyone know how you're supposed to use the bags of milk sold in stores? They seem cheaper than the boxes, but I keep buying boxes since I'm unsure of how to keep a bag of milk. Someone told me I could buy a special container that holds the bag? I haven't seen anywhere to do that. It also...
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    Looking for Apartment for Dec. 1

    Hola. My girlfriend and I are currently living in San Telmo and paying $550 USD/month for a studio. We're moving out at the end of Nov. so we're looking for a place for Dec. 1st. We're pretty flexible and are interested in renting a studio, a 1 bedroom, or a room in a shared apartment...