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    2 office chairs + comfortable, reclining, fold-up chair - $200 (palermo)

    the price is for all items together the office chairs are used. however, they are in good condition and are what you need if you work on a computer 24/7! one has handles and the other is without handles The comfortable, reclining, fold-up chair is as good as new - its very comfortable - could...
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    Lonely planet - south america (latest edition) for sale!

    like new! please contact me for a price i am in capital federal thanks
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    budget affordable hostel around abasto/recoleta/almagro???

    any ideas? some friends coming round for visit/travel does anybody know of any good affordable hostels around the barrios abasto, recoleta or almagro?? is it possible to find for around US$10 per night ?? thanks
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    fresh tuna / atun??

    anybody knows where can I find fresh tuna (for sushi) in Capital federal??
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    Hannukah Plans?

    Maybe this is a bit too late but this is going on in Beit Chabad Palermo tonight - and this as well tonight, some bicycle/januka thing with lighting the candles at the end somewhere in a plaza in Belgrano tomorrow eve, there's some kindof buffett through beit...
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    brand new apt. for rent v. urquiza

    what is the exact address? what barrio? and from when do you need somebody in. MAybe for me and my husband thanks
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    New book! Kafka On the Shore

    its the first murakami book i read - since then i am addicted, just finished the chronicles of the mechanical bird (read it in hebrew so dont know if the translation was exact...) - was good as well, some bits were realy harsh and graphically violently disturbing but overall he has a point to...
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    What is the average income for individuals working in Buenos Aires?

    does anybody have an idea how much you can charge as a freelance graphic designer, per design (for example, print design for tshirt) or per day (ex. 2-4 designs per day) ??? i'm thinking 150 pesos per design, sounds normal??