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    Rental Increases In Usd

    Hi Katie, I think the price you are going to pay is fair. 1000 USD for a good apartment is not so high in Buenos Aires, I don't know in the rest of the world. What I suggest you is to not accept the increasement for the second year. Since the contract is in USD, I don't see the reason to...
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    How do you sell US dollars in Buenos Aires

    The dollar is going down.
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    Nat Geo does show about tourism scams, need help recording it

    I can record the show, no problem. Let me know how do you want to proceed after that. Hugs Beatriz
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    Price for a furnished rental Barrio Norte

    I agree that the furnishing/decoration has a lot to do with the final price. I think that $700 monthly is fine for a standard furnishing, but you could raise the price if it has a higher level. I'm a professional. Good luck!
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    So effing rude!

    Wow! this whole thread is very rude! My first intention was to reply to Celia's original post, to tell that in this country customer service almost doesn't exist and nothing has to do with being a local or a foreign. (I'm sorry if somebody said this already, I didn't read the whole thread). I...
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    Apartment this normal?

    Usually there are different options, to pay all at front or to pay monthly as Lee says, it depends of the agency.
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    Tigre day trip this weekend

    What do you mean Napoleon with your sentence? could you please explain in other words? thanks.
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    Suggestion for restaurant...Recoleta area

    Guia Oleo is a great website to look for restaurants. I suggest the restaurant "Melo", in Pacheco de Melo 1.800, between Callao & Ayacucho. Great food, atmosphere, and not too expensive. Another truly excellent restaurant is Sottovoce, international food, in the corner of Ayacucho & Libertador...
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    New to BsAs

    Hi Jackie, what a wonderful trip are you doing, congratulations! I'm sure you will enjoy Buenos Aires a lot. I'm the owner of Buenos Aires Housing, we rent temporary apartments in the main neighborhoods. I would like to help in your search of accommodations. If we don't have what are you looking...