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    NFL Pre-Season Game August 25

    Will you be showing the Giants opener on Sept 4th? Cheers,
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    Sports Bars in BA

    Is El Alamo Bar the same as Sholess Joe's? I walked by it last week and it had been closed by the local authorities. Has it reopened? Cheers, C.
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    NFL Ticket on DirecTV

    Thanks for your replies! It seems like Johnny's bar is a good place to catch some games. Can you please tell me where's the bar located? Gracias,
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    NFL Ticket on DirecTV

    Does anybody know if you can get the NFL Ticket package on DirecTV in Argentina. I know it is available in other Latin American countries but I'm not sure it is here. I asked at a DirecTV booth at a shopping center but they were clueless about it. Cheers,