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    Mobile Internet Options

    Zero internet.
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    Mobile Internet Options

    Long story. Its an appt, has gas, electricity, water etc just no wifi as it wont be properly lived in/rented out till end of the year. Thanks for the link, will check it out.
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    Mobile Internet Options

    My wife will be in Buenos Aires for 2 months and staying in a place that has no wifi. What is the best solution that will allow her to watch netflix/youtube and do a bit of browsing on her laptop? Buy a local sim, put in her phone and use as a hotspot for the laptop to connect to? just worried...
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    Barrio Cerrado

    Just wondered if anybody has any experience of living in a barrio cerrado? What is it like? Do people seem more/less friendly? How is the security? Any small shops? I may be coming back to Argentina soon and having lived in Zona Oeste near Ramos Mejia before am looking for something a little...
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    PASO Election Results

    Mid term elections always a slap in the face for those in power. 2 years is a bloody long time in Argentina.
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    Argentina's New Tax On Residents Global Wealth

    My hunch is that quite a few expats are paying the tax, after all it is the law, but don't want to come on here and face derision for doing so (something which I would never do I wish to quickly add).
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    Argentina's New Tax On Residents Global Wealth

    The average house in the UK is worth 32.75 million Argentine pesos (at official rate 131 GBP - 1 ARS). So would that make an annual wealth tax payment (assuming it was your only asset) a simple case of calculating 2.25% of 32.75 million? i.e. 736k pesos annual bill? Wow. I am not in Argentina...
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    Macri Or Fernandez's Who Will Win Paso

    At best this shows a lack of empathy, at worst sheer nastiness. Look, I personally, through gritted teeth would have voted Macri but demonizing those who voted against him after the shit pie he delivered in the last four years is too harsh.
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    Macri Or Fernandez's Who Will Win Paso

    I sometimes wonder how many who preach on here would have voted for Macri if they truly struggled to put food on the table for their children at the end of the month.
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    How do people work out how much a property in Argentina is actually worth?

    Same in the UK, every sale price is recorded making it fairly easy for buyers to compare prices and work out approx values.
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    How do people work out how much a property in Argentina is actually worth?

    Say there are 2 apartments in the same building, same floor and in more or less the same condition. Vendor 1 wants 250k for theirs yet vendor 2 wants 300k for theirs. What information is there in the public domain to help a buyer decide which is the closer to a fair value? I see so many prices...
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    Transfering a large sum of money from Canada to Argentina

    I would wait for the result of the election in October before doing anything.
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    Daily maid rate per hour

    $45 an hour, are you shitting me?
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    Cristina is running for Vice

    Didn't see that one coming. I thought she hated Alberto Fernandez and vice versa. Maybe a compromise move to bring together the vota peronista! Only way Macri or Cambiemos win is if that vote stays split. God help us...
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    When will property be cheap in Buenos Aires?

    One thing that always strikes me when I view property listings online is how awful, staggeringly awful, are the photos taken by the estate agents. Random example This is, of course, not worth 750,000 but at least try and...
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    ATM Maximum Withdrawal Limit with Foreign ATM card

    I just took out 5000 in one go from Galicia with my pre pay Mastercard. Would have tried for more but that was all I had on the card. Charge, as per usual, was around 390 pesos.
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    Do you fear a crash similar to 2001?

    Seeing a lot more of these types of articles since the latest agreement with the IMF was ratified last week:
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    Best Carne Restaurants

    3rd world? Come on..............
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    Best Carne Restaurants

    What? You go to a restaurant and ask to try their chimichurri before making your order? At what point do you do this? Once you've been seated? As soon as you walk through the door at the counter? What if its not to your liking? You just leave? Sounds like you're a bundle of fun to eat out with. Odd.
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    Personal laptops and cellphones now allowed into country without needing to be declared.

    1 laptop and 1 phone per peson.