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    If anyone wants to understand why Argentina is in hot water again $$$..

    For those who can understand castellano, in my opinion this economist in the video has consistently explained it with great clarity. Libertarian or whatever, Javier Milei is hot property on all center right media channels at the moment. His views are waking up a lot of locals to the excesses of...
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    A Sad Day For All Cristina Vido Detained

    ....poor guy ;) and all for a measly US$210,000,000 worth....And to top it all Cristina turned her back on on him.....
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    Ferguson Shooting: Grand Jury Won't Indict Ferguson Cops

    Looks like our brothers to the north are due for some major social upheaval. Some have argued that this is not just a racial issue, but also a culmination of all the police brutality cases leading up to it. As of 2am Tuesday 25th some buildings and police cars have already been set on fire. Gun...
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    Brazil Soccer Fan Suicide Hotline ....

    Germany 7 ....Brazil 1....sorry Brazil, RIP. http://canchallena.l...-jamas-olvidara "Germany destroy Brazil’s final dreams with seven-goal battering" - The Guardian:
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    Chevron & Cristina's Secret Deal

    An Odd Alliance in Patagonia "Argentine oil officials said that the Chevron-YPF deal will shield the American company from financial loss connected to a change in the political winds. After the company invests $1.2 billion, 18 months later it can withdraw from operations without penalty and...
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    What Was Cristina Up To In The Seychelles Islands?

    Yes, unoficially, on the 21st of Jan 2013 she's supposed to have visited the islands for two days according to a report on Jorge Lanata's PPT. What was the presidenta doing on a fiscal paradise? Was she there to work on her sun tan? Aparently not, according to last night's PPT report, Cristina...
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    American Man Temporarily Kidnapped & Robbed

    It happened in Vicente Lopez. http://www.lanacion....n-vicente-lopez
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    Corruption In Santa Cruz - Lanata To Reveal More Photos ...

    ...this coming Sunday night. In the last 48 hours Jorge Lanata has revealed that he has obtained the photographic evidence from a worker who works for Lazarro Baez (Nestor's business partner) that would expose a massive cover up by Cristina Kirchner's business associate. If true, these...
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    Reciprocity Fee....b4 You Fly?

    Hi, I don't know if this will help anyone , I just received a call from an American friend saying the airline wouldn't let her on board until her reciprocity fee was paid...she's already paid it but they gave her no receipt. She wasn't expecting it & almost missed her flight. Looks like...
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    Egypt Has Requested Cfk Intervene In Israel/palestine Crisis

    Yes, aparently the request was made, but it's a general request made to a wide range of leaders. Egipto le pidió a Cristina que intervenga para "frenar la violencia en la Franja de Gaza" http://www.lanacion....-franja-de-gaza Could CFK do anything to help? :-) edit: I'm of the opinion that...
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    Squatters on 'El's' land! What will they do now?

    It just had to happen...I love it! It seems that for a week now, some 180 families have been squatting on Nestor's land!!! ...and it took a week for the news to get out of Santa Cruz. Will kretina stand up for their human rights? or will she send in the sharp shooters? Well it seems that she's...
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    2x Huge twisters touch down in downtown Dallas!

    My condolences to all the people of Dallas. "Tremendous damage' as 2 twisters reportedly touch down in Dallas area" .."Nothing like this has ever been witnessed before" is what they are saying...
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    Global pay scale - where's argentina?

    This could be an interesting chart... Where are you on the global pay scale?
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    Free energy.

    Get your head around this little invention. Here's something to stir a little debate....before you dismiss this as crackpot material...hold your breath & investigate further. I first heard of these generators back in Oz in 2002...I think this is revolutionary. Even little old Argentina is...
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    Looking for an eReader.

    Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone has an e-reader that they may want to sell. I'm looking to buy one & I thought I'd check here first. Please PM or text me on my mobile 15 5600 8680. Thanks. Ricardo.
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    Dollar sniffing dogs waiting for you on the way out.

    They have dollar sniffers now (I don't know about € or £ ;-) at the aduanas. I'm not sure about Aeroparque or Ezeiza but definitely bus coach terminals & the Uruguay run.
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    10,000 new homes for the poor in....

    Venezuela!!! :-) As part of a plan , Argentina will donate & help out in building 10,000 new homes for the poor & disadvantaged in Venezuela. Yepeee! Argentina is going to rescue Chavez!! WHAT ELSE? Now I don't feel so bad about the subsidies being taken away. ......"la Presidente llevará...
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    iPhone tracks users' private movements

    Although it's known that iphones & other smart phones allowed for the storing of your location info with your ISP, now the iPhone has again led the way with it's new & improved privacy busting technology...your info is now stored on your handset & your computer too (unencrypted file).... ready...
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    Clarin & La Nacion blocked from operatring as usual

    The Clarin newspaper printing plant had it's gates blocked for 12hours & La Nacion for 3hours. We know that newspapers have their own hidden agendas but Is this the best way forward for ARgentina? Is press freedom under attack in Argentina? Should this topic be discussed here on this forum? Is...
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    The Battle for the internet & your mind.

    Given that the Internet helps most of us here to mold our own opinions & views about current events in the world...this article may be very relevant & interesting to read. I find myself agreeing with most of what is said here...