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    Account in US Dollars

    No, I do not have an account with Santander Rio
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    Account in US Dollars

    I have finally sold my house in BA. The money will be deposited in a Citibank Account in US Dollars. Does anyone know if I will be able to use a debit card for that account in the United States? Will I be able to move that money out of the account by making Zelle transfers? Any suggestions or...
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    Expat Neighbors In Conurbano Sur?

    Welcome to Zona Sur! I live with my family in Burzaco (barrio Corimayo). I moved her with my Argentine husband and our kids 4 years ago. Up until 2 months ago, we lived in Adrogue then we moved into the house that we had been constructing since a year ago. It is nice to know we have neighbors...
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    Homeschooling in Buenos Aires

    I homeschool my 15 year old and my 11 year old goes to private spanish only school.
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    Eye doctor recommendation needed

    I just had Lasik Eye Surgery on the 7th of May. I had a great experience with Centro de Ojos Buenos Aires. The accept OSDE 210 and it was covered 100% by the insurance. Dr Ignacio Menzitti studied in the US and speaks English (didnt make a difference since I speak Spanish). If you want more...
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    Is anyone else having serious trouble with Telecentro right now.

    We are experiencing the same problem... a tech was suppose to come to our house on Monday, but did not make it. They had to reschedule for Thursday. The tested the connection and for some reason all of the signal is not being received by the router...
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    Exchanging Money at Ezeiza Airport

    Fortunately I am a perm resident with a job en blanco... I dont live near downtown and was just trying to figure out how much I could exchange on my way out of the country for our family vacation in Miami/Orlando. Otherwise I will just withdraw from my debit card like we did last year.
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    Exchanging Money at Ezeiza Airport

    I remember last year there was a limit on how much U$S travelers could purchase at the bank in Ezeiza airport. Has anyone recently traveled and exhanged pesos for U$S at the bank in EZE? Does anyone know what the limit is per person or family?
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    Fingerprints / expired visa ...

    I have done my fingerprints twice for the FBI background check (both times with a non-expired visa, tourist and work), but they never have asked me for any proof of identity.
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    I am looking for a full time tutor middle/high school level (all subjects) with experience with US curriculum living long term in Buenos Aires. For more information, please PM me.
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    Zona Sur

    Dont feel too lonely, we live in Adrogue. My husband, myself, and four kids... We have lived here for the last three years, if you need help with anything, feel free to contact me via PM.
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    Western union

    My husband is traveling in Russia and I need to get cash to him. Is it possible to wire us dollars via WU to Russia or to a US bank account? Thanks in advance.
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    Expats and foreigners at your workplace

    I work at a Textile company. In admin there are 15 people. I am the only expat at that level. The president of the company is Belgium. It is a Belgium company.
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    Summer schools

    We moved to Argentina at the end of the school year in 2008. We opted for a "colonia de verano" at the nearby rugby club. It was a great way for my 3 boys meet friends, learn the language, and keep busy during the summer. My youngest was 6 yrs old at the time. Now all of the boys are active at...
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    On our last visit to the states in january, we bought a PS3 system. Unfortunately, it has since stopped working. It no longer reads the games or movies. Sony Argentina will not touch it because it was purchased in the States. The only option they give me is to send it back to Sony in the states...
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    Live in Zona Norte or Sur with our family?

    We live in zona sur, Adrogue. Been here for 2.5 years and are very happy. There is a medium sized mall, quant centro with great restaurants, and an hour drive from Bsas via car.
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    recent customs experiences?

    We went on a week vacation to Montevideo 2 weeks ago. The passport control for Uruguay and Argentina was done in Montevideo airport coming back. And same for going there, both stamps were done in Argentina.
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    Intruder alarms/security systems in suburbs?

    We use "Alert" and have been very happy with their service. We live in the south suburbs of BA.
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    Property Websites