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    How to go to colonia!!!! A how to guide

    I recedntly had to go to Colonia for my visa. It was a little confusing but would have been very easy had someone told me what I am going to tell u. Go to the Buque Bus Now here is the complicated part You need to wait in three lines to get ur...
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    Street Movie Sales

    I found a place where u can pick up new DVD's that are of alot better quality than the street vendors are selling. It is on Coronel Dias 2211 between Santa Fe and Las Heras. About two blocks north of Alto Palermo. The guy owns the magazine stand in front of the Sun Clinic.(prime real estate...
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    New Member Just saying hello!!

    Hi I am Mike I will be arriving in BsAs near the end of June. I am looking forward to spending a summer winter as I am from Phoenix. I will be staying for about three months this time. If u have any questions please ask. Mike