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    Brazilian Visa Questions (American)

    Question for those who already went through the visa process. Do they check your passport for entry into Argentina? I am assuming they do. I have an American and Egyptian passports and a visa for an Egyptian passport would be way cheaper. However, I entered Argentina with my American passport.
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    FBI criminal record

    Question for you who had to get the FBI criminal record to apply for residency or work permit. Is there a way to check on the status other than waiting and crossing my fingers. I applied for my records at the begining of September and other than them charging my credit card the $18 processing...
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    D. N. I.

    Thanks for the previous responses. Few more questions: - For the FBI police record: does that still need to be legalized (or have the seal of the Apostille) as well? I think I read somewhere in this forum that it does not have to be.- I have an official birth certificate with me but its out of...
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    D. N. I.

    Questions for the Americans here on this forum. Is it possible to obtain the certificate of absence of criminal records while here on Argentina without having to return to the US? (i.e by mail or applying online). How long would that process take and how much would it cost?
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    Gym Membership Fees

    Hola Miro, I was in the same position you were and did some research on different gyms. At the end I found a gym I liked and definitely the cheapest of all the ones I checked out. Their name is XXL and they are located at Scalabrini Ortiz 1378. Their membership fee is only 75 pesos per month and...
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    Recommendations for a gym in Palermo

    The price I got from them is 260 pesos per month which would be reduced to 220 pesos per month for joining for a year. Although, someone told me that they have a promotion for joining a particular branch for 78 pesos per month but I have not verified.
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    Recommendations for a gym in Palermo

    Does anyone have recommendations for a gym in Palermo. I went today to try out megatlon in Palermo Alto and while their facilities were pretty nice, it was very crowded and well their prices are ridiculous.
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    looking to meet people

    Hi all,I am also new in town, just arrived on Saturday. Coming from San Francisco but originally from Egypt. Keep me updated with whatever gatherings are going on. May be those gathering can be on scheduled on a regular basis (if they are not already!).Marion, I sent you a note with regards to...
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    realistic earnings for a TEFL qualified teacher - private tuition/translation work/bilingual PA etc

    Hi,Can some of people who have English teaching jobs comment on how they found their jobs? Also is it necessary to take a TEFL course before? Thanks, Ahmed
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    Cheap/Easy way to get TEFL certified Found this CELTA course at the International House for $1200. Don't know about the quality but seems a lot of people are doing CELTA. Also, its probably cheaper cuz its targeting people who are already in BsAs versus other large TEFL...
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    Cheap/Easy way to get TEFL certified

    I heard its much easier to get a job teaching English if you are TESL/TEFL certified. Does anyone know where/how you can get this certification in Buenos Aires. I have seen few American companies offering this but they are expensive (around US $2000) for about one month program.
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    Question about Spanish at UBA

    Hi all- I am planning to come to Buenos Aires to study Spanish possibly for few month! I heard University of Buenos Aires has a pretty good and cheap program. Does anyone know if you can register for their program online or do you have do it in person? How advance should one register before...