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    I am always entertained by the blogs and photos fellow expats put up on their sites and I have a question. The other day I was driving around Once with an out of town guest and she was taking random photos of streets and people from inside the car. A man came up to the window and demanded her...
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    JPMorgan to buy Bear for $2 a share

    What a deal! Does this mean more is to come? Maybe time to move back to the States and go bargain hunting...
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    3 Bedroom For Rent By Owner (Barrio Norte)

    US$1500/month no commission - 1000square foot 3 bedroom, 2 full bath apartment on the corner of Coronel Diaz and French. Rear facing, high floor apartment with a huge balcony and views of downtown. Alto Palermo Shopping/Bulnes subway station and Disco are 2.5 blocks away. Las Heras park is...
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    Daylight Savings in Argentina

    Just heard Christina is reinstituting this from December 30. Can someone confirm that we have to move the clock one hour ahead?
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    Container back to USA?

    Hi; can somebody recommend a shipping company here that can haul stuff back to the US? I don't need a 20 foot container. Maybe a 1/2 or 1/4 of that...are sharing allowed? Thanks!
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    US EMBASSY JOB - Receptionist

    Deadline - November 21! You can check here time to time for jobs. Receptionist job details:
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    FYI - Heatlh Insurance will go up 24%
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    FYI - cab fare up 20% from today

    $3.10 to start and 31 cents after that.
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    US EMBASSY JOB - Telephone Operator

    Deadline Nov 1!
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    Coke in a bottle

    The other day I saw a mom pour some of her coke in her infant son's bottle at a McD's at Alcorta Shopping. Also, every birthday party we go to serves only sodas to kids as young as 2 years. If I hosted a birthday for my 2 year old in the States and served only sodas I think parents would be...
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    Elections and inflation?

    Some expats and I were talking today and they mentioned that usually after presidential elections prices go up in Argentina. How true is this? Should I be stocking up (i.e. like mosquito repelents)?
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    SICKO what did you think?

    Just wondering how fellow expats felt about this movie?
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    Furniture 4 Sale

    Natuzzi leather sofa - ends recline US$900 Ikea cabinet all - US$350 Green sofa - US$300 Please send private note if interested. Thanks.
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    Colgate warns of fake toothpaste in U.S.

    FYI some bi-products of this kind were found in central america. Just take precaution if you're out buying toothpaste.
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    Escribano / Notary ?

    Does anybody know an efficient and cheap ESCRIBANO that can do a CERTIFICADO DE VIAJE for my spouse and minor child to travel outside Argentina? By the way, can somebody confirm if this is the right form to fill out too? Many thanks!