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    Account in US Dollars

    I have finally sold my house in BA. The money will be deposited in a Citibank Account in US Dollars. Does anyone know if I will be able to use a debit card for that account in the United States? Will I be able to move that money out of the account by making Zelle transfers? Any suggestions or...
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    Exchanging Money at Ezeiza Airport

    I remember last year there was a limit on how much U$S travelers could purchase at the bank in Ezeiza airport. Has anyone recently traveled and exhanged pesos for U$S at the bank in EZE? Does anyone know what the limit is per person or family?
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    I am looking for a full time tutor middle/high school level (all subjects) with experience with US curriculum living long term in Buenos Aires. For more information, please PM me.
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    Western union

    My husband is traveling in Russia and I need to get cash to him. Is it possible to wire us dollars via WU to Russia or to a US bank account? Thanks in advance.
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    On our last visit to the states in january, we bought a PS3 system. Unfortunately, it has since stopped working. It no longer reads the games or movies. Sony Argentina will not touch it because it was purchased in the States. The only option they give me is to send it back to Sony in the states...
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    Book in English

    I am in need of the book "Exterminate all the Brutes" by Sven Lindquist. Anybody have any suggestions on where to find it. Or does anybody have a copy laying around I can use for a few weeks or buy? Thanks in advance.
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    Britney Spears Posters

    I am looking for a few Britney Spears posters for a Christmas present. Any suggestions on where to buy? Gracias...
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    residencia como trabajador contratado

    I have an appt at migraciones on friday to apply for this residency. I have everything that the internet site says I need to present. My only doubt is for my two minor children... do I need to provide the two color photos for them also or is that just for myself? mil gracias:)
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    We are considering bringing our boat from the US (Memphis, TN) to BA... It is a 1988 Bayliner Capri 20'. Any recomendations of transportation companies and/or advice from previous experiences? From what I understand, because of the year of the boat, it IS permitted by customs to import into...
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    TEFL Online

    Has anybody done a TEFL Online course? All feedback would be appreciated... Gracias:)
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    Anybody living in the suburbs? Adrogue/Lomas area?