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    all about the Scrilla & the dolla dolla billa

    Thanks WC for the Urban Dictionary link. I love it.
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    aerolineas argentinas

    Yes I have to agree with davonz. Its usually a drama flying with Aerolineas. My wife and I have done that trip 4 times now and most times there have been a delay. My recent flight from Syd to here (2 weeks agao) was ok though I have to say... no delays and the TV actually worked for the first...
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    Hotel Contacts?

    LOL. Actually I didnt really have a choice. Im married to an Argentine and she had to return for personal reasons. So here I am and now just seeing if there are any contacts out there.
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    Hotel Contacts?

    Hi all, Im fairly new to BA (2 weeks). I was a Hotel General Manager in Australia and now Im hoping to find similar work here. My spanish is still basic but Im learning. So I am relying on hotels looking for English speakers. Not sure how I will go?? Does anyone have any personal contacts that...