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  1. French jurist

    In Memoriam, Charlie Hebdo

    A few drawings making fun of each & every religion. Freedom shall prevail! Catholics Muslims (I'm the Prophet you dumb) Jews (so, is it cool to have a country?)
  2. French jurist

    New Fedex Requirements

    Estimado Cliente FedEx: De acuerdo con la Resolución General 3579 de la Administración Federal de Ingresos Públicos (AFIP), a partir del 1 de enero de 2015, para todos los envíos de no documentos provenientes del exterior será necesario tramitar el Formulario 4550 – Compras a Proveedores del...
  3. French jurist

    Dolar Blue At 24 ? Of course, things don't work exactly that way but if the reserves are like 30 billions now, and reach 17 for a monetary base of 410 billions of pesos = 410/17 = 24 Is that related to the expired RUFO clause? (decision published the same day the RUFO...
  4. French jurist

    Starting To Look For A Piece Of Land To Build A House

    Building your own house, according to your own design, is the dream of many, and it's one of mines since I'm 20 years old. Furthermore my parents met while studying Architecture in Paris, so I'll have a small edge. My plan was to start looking for a piece of land in 2015, so the time has come...
  5. French jurist


    Any efficient link? Big crackdown on Torrent sites, anybody knows a good link now (I want to watch a few videos which are in the public domain, todo legal)?
  6. French jurist

    An Iguana 40 Cm Long Just Run In Front Of Me

    I live 40 kms North of BA and I noticed holes in my garden, quite big. Was wondering what kind of animal this could be. Turns out it's an iguana! I'm working in front of my kitchen (in the garden) on my PC. Then I see this animal running 1 meter in front of me, with one of my dog behind. Weird lol
  7. French jurist

    New One For Fake Tourists

    In fact, it seems really in line with previous regulations, just more detailed.
  8. French jurist

    Anyone Knows The Villa General Belgrano Area? (Cordoba)

    I'm wondering about this gated community: Anything worth knowing? Thanks Antoine
  9. French jurist

    Ach So
  10. French jurist

    1 Ticket For Free To Watch A Concert (1St Row)

    For once that I was going out... Bought two tickets to see "Trenzadas" (a trio including Charo Bogarin from Tonolec) at La Trastienda (San Telmo), tomorrow oct. 19th at 8pm. Had planned on inviting a lady friend but didn't remember it was Mother's day, so I have a ticket available (seated -...
  11. French jurist

    What's The Going Rate For A Nanny?

    I'm using right now my neighbor (60 y/o woman who got 4 kids) to keep a 20 months baby when I must go to Capital (day time). What would be the rate if she works 10 hours per week for me. And if she works 20 hours per week? Thanks! (for info: I'm paying 46$ per hour right now, but from what...
  12. French jurist

    Mosquitoes Are Back (And Hungry, Very Much)

    Only the countryside people will understand: I take my PC in the garden, under roof, to work from september until april. Took my PC out 3 days ago (got a flu yesterday), and tonight hordes of mosquitoes are after me. Beware, they are nasty and very hungry
  13. French jurist

    For Those Looking For New Furniture (Designer) Cheap (?)

    It's another forumer who posted initially the name of this woman organizing Ferias Americanas (Maria Maranessi). I usually don't go in those (for reasons shared by many here & already explained in the forum). But there's a shop who used to sell designer furniture, supposedly from Italia...
  14. French jurist

    Help From Expats Engineers Needed (Historical)

    I've got 160 fotos from the mid 1860s until the 1890s (trying to understand them since many are quite unknown). In particular, this one is quite odd. You can see hills in the distance, a river nearby, etc. What were they building? Some kind of construction related to water/a harbour? I can...
  15. French jurist

    Starting My Vegetable Garden With As Little Work As Possible

    I grow each year many plants (zapallos, tomatoes, zucchini, rapsberry, basil, etc.) but I want to have my own huerta this year. Problem is I won't have much time to spend on it (4 or 5 hours max per week for a size of 4x10 meters) so I found this technic: Buying 20 bales of alfalfa (wheat would...
  16. French jurist

    Watch Out For The Granizo

    Started falling here 40 km North of BA. Big enough to hurt, close call for breaking the windshield (not big enough but that's close)
  17. French jurist

    What Made You Come To Argentina?

    What made you come to Argentina? Also, I guess we all listened to a specific music, watched a specific movie, before coming here & while we didn't really know much about Argentina. A tune I would listen to often before coming here is this one:
  18. French jurist

    Terrorists Found In Argentina!

    Buitres saga, chapter XXVII, section XVIII
  19. French jurist

    Investigation To Be Launched, Will The Sec Cooperate?

    Kicillof is asking for an investigation to be launched
  20. French jurist

    Changing Usd Before Or After The End Of The Month?

    In short for those who followed the Griesa story with a distant eye: Because of the uncertainty (default or not?), the Blue dolar has gained around 8% lately (12.65 to 1). If the situation is finally solved (momentarly: deal or Griesa putting back the stay, not the issue), the Blue dolar will...