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    36-hour Subte strike to start today

    From the Buenos Aires Herald Workers demands a 28 percent wage It is going to be a very interesting couple of days in the city. Taxi drivers must be loving almost everyone else NOT!
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    Uruguay tax deal blocks Argentina’s path to dollar exodus

    "Presidents José Mujica and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner are keen to reduce capital flight from Argentina to Uruguay. New agreement expected to encourage further black market currency moves Argentina’s push to share more banking data with Uruguay is sparking concern that the move will make it...
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    Large Selection of Quality Office Chairs

    I finished the last few days looking at various stores in the area for a decent office chair and the place that had the largest selection and best quality was at Belgrano 1928. The chair adjustable heights and the back rest is lockable. It has a mesh back and chrome legs. It was 1250 pesos...
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    More Kirchner News

    Kirchner in the foreign news more since her re-election than she has in the last 3 years. The latest is from the Wallstreet Journal columnist MARY ANASTASIA O'GRADY. "Last month the Kirchner-controlled Congress delivered what could be the coup de grace for the Argentine economy: a reform of...
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    Items for Sale at Ebay Prices

    S O L D Nikon DSLR D40 Nikon DX AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6G II Nikon SB400 mountable flash Nikon ML-L3 IR Remote Everything for 2000 pesos S O L D Apple TV 160GB 1st Generation* 500pesos BlackBerry Curve 8520 Charger and headset 800pesos Send a PM if interested.
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    Monedero or Sube Cards

    I have recently lost my Sube card and am wondering if anyone has recently attempted to get their´s replaced. I submitted my request at their web site three weeks ago and have not heard anything. My wife called and the Sube office said that we should continue to wait. I went to the post office...
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    Call Forwarding to Local Phone with Skype

    The best thing that I did to stay in touch with my family in the USA is to setup a Skype online number and that set it to call forward to my cell phone and if my cell phone does not pick up to forward to my home phone. This allows for my family to call a local US number anytime they want...
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    Kettlebells in Buenos Aires

    I am looking for rubber coated kettlebells for purchase before I go on a scavenger hunt in the city. Anyone know where I might find there? TIA
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    Best Thing about this Culture?

    The best thing that I have found about the life here is the relationships with the people that have become a part of my life. I lived in the DC Area for over 10 years before making the move to Capital Federal in order to start a life with my wife. I made this change at the age of 48 and with...
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    Apple TV 160GB First Generation New in Box

    With this Apple HDTV, you can watch movies. You can play your iTunes Library on the Apple 160GB television and listen to your favorite songs on high quality speakers. 190 USD
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    For Sale New Apple iPad 16GB WiFi

    I will have a New 16GB WiFi Apple iPad for sell next week for $700.00 USD firm. Also will have also have a New 8GB UltraHD Flip video for $225.00 USD. Please send me an email if you are interested. John
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    Tennis Clubs in Capital Federal

    I am interested in joining a nice Tennis Club but have no idea of how to go about it or how much it might cost. Can someone provided me with some information about this? TIA
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    US Embassy Job Computer Specialist

    I would apply for this job but I have not been able to pass their Spanish Fluency test. I have no idea what it pays but it could be interesting. If you know someone that is interested please pass it on. All the residency/Job requirements are on the site. Saludes John...
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    Using Craigslist in Buenos Aires

    I have used it in the past to find Spanish teachers but never to purchase goods. I have been trying to use Craigslist to purchase a few items but it is rare that I get a response for my requests. Is this common here or in general with Craigslist? Thanks John
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    Tired of ATM Fees and Schwab Questions

    I have been using Citibank for the last two years and am getting tired of the rising ATM fees. Is there anyone that is using a Schwab Debit card in Buenos Aires? I am interested in what ATMs you are able to use in the city and any problems that you might have had with Schwab? TIA
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    Looking for English Speakers with Resident VISA

    I am a US citizen with a resident VISA that is working for an Argentine company that is called Globant. They are currently looking for 2 receptionist to add to their existing team of receptionists. I am not sure of the salary but the benefits are pretty good with OSDE medical insurance...
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    Executive Secretary at the US Embassy

    There is a job opening there this week that requires level 4 Spanish and English. You will need to be legal to work in the country as far as residency.
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    Streaming Radio Problems?

    Is anyone listening to streaming radio from the USA? A couple of months ago I was able to listen to many different stations using the individual websites of the radio stations or Radio stations listed in ITunes. Now it seems that the can not be buffered enough to prevent delays. I am...
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    Kindle on the Ipod Touch

    I can not stop singing the praises of the Ipod Touch because of the applications that feed this news junkie. But recently Amazon has released the Kindle application that allows you to dowload books to your Ipod. Most books are about 10.00 dollars but you can usually preview the first chapters...
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    Best Sites for Expats in Argentina

    I have learned so much from my fellow Expats here on this site. I don't recall any of my questions that have gone unanswered. It is my first stop when I have a question. So my question now is... What are the other web sites that you would consider essential here for Expats? Thanks JB