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    Furnished One Bedroom Apartment in Palermo‏

    My one bedroom apartment is available for rent as of the 15th of April in Palermo Soho/Plaza Italia (Darregueyra and Paraguay) I have been living there for about 5 months and moving back to the US - It is furnished with TV, Cable, Microwave, Internet, Telephone, Sheets and Towels (Utilities...
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    Refridgerator for sale

    Hi - My friend is leaving Buenos Aires, and looking to sell her fridge w/ freezer. It's a Zenith about 4.5 feet tall and probably about 4 years old. Shes selling it for only 350 Arg Pesos because shes living this week and needs to get rid of it.Email her at:
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    Expats in Buenos Aires - Speak Spanish?

    Why don't expats in Buenos Aires speak spanish or atleastmake more of an effort to learn it?
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    Dentist & Optomologist

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a good dentist & optomologist? I've already had a bad experience with a dentist, so i'm kinda skeptical at this point.. Any suggestions!? Thanks!!
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    ATM for dollars

    Anyone know of any atms in microcentro that give out dollars? Whats the max? Thanks!
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    Expired Visa Fine

    Hi, Does anyone know how much the fine is at immigration (buquebus) for having an expired visa? I know it was 50 pesos, but i heard that it might have changed. Thanks!
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    GMAT Tutor

    Hi,I'm looking for a Math Tutor for the GMAT material. Could anyone recommend someone? Thanks!!
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    Central American/Caribbean

    Hi,anyone know of any central american/caribbean clubs? Thanks!
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    Chill Lounge in Buenos Aires

    Hi, I'm trying to find a chilled out lounge in Buenos Aires (with acid jazz, funk, breakbeats) similar to Kathmandu in Madrid. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    GMAT Preparation Courses?

    Hi, I am trying to find an GMAT Prep course in Buenos Aires and I have not hadany luck. Does anyone know of a school or course offered in Buenos Aires? I appreciate any assistance. Thansk!! Andrew