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    Thanks Rickulivi :), you've flattered me into submission. I'm still curious about what you mean my "into themselves." Could you give an example? Perhaps there was a superficial culture in California at the time you lived there? But I think you hit on something. I think matches between women...
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    Wow. I am really shocked by this thread. I'd be very curious as to what you mean by "into themselves." Examples please? Because the first thing that came to mind was "Not interested in spending the entirety of her time fawning over you?" I too am not a big fan of sweeping generalizations...
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    Eager Salespeople

    Hmmm, I don't reallly want to get into this, but that was decidedly not what I was saying at all. Every country is different, and no country is all good or all bad, and debate that implies as much is useful only for entertainment value, if that! I welcome informed and lively debate, but not the...
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    Eager Salespeople

    Thank you all for the information! I actually had a far less overwhelming leather shopping experience yesterday. Look (not to set myself up as someone who knows something, because I don't) but I think it's safe to say that Argentina is not all good and it is not all bad. It, like everything...
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    Eager Salespeople

    I was very casually shopping for a leather jacket today and was having a lot of trouble fending off Argentine salespeople. Clearly they are just doing their job, but coming for the land of enormous department stores in which you can browse peacefully and probably couldn't even find a store...
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    Travel Advice

    My boyfriend and I are thinking of traveling somewhere for either a night or a perhaps a few days over New Years and were hoping for suggestions. I read all the great advice regarding trips to the south posted recently, but was hoping for suggestions regarding slightly shorter trips (and either...
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    Xmas and New Year lists of places to go!

    Thank you! This is really useful.
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    Coping with the feeling of insecurity

    Actually, according to Maslow, basic physical needs are at the bottom of the heirarchy and therefore the most fundamental human need (need for food, water, basic bodily functions, etc). This almost certainly doesn't apply to the people you are talking about, but I think a very large percentage...
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    Cheap Spanish course

    I have done a LOT of shopping around for cheap Spanish courses as I don't have a lot of money but do have a great desire to learn Spanish. I arrived in BsAs immediately after the last class of the year was filled at UBA, so I was forced to look for other cheap options. In retrospect I am very...
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    Seeking cooking classmate

    Since there has been a lot of talk about learning to cook recently on this site, I figured I'd see if anyone was interested in taking a cooking class with me. I am hoping to find a fellow cooking student to join me in Monday night Italian cooking classes in Bario Norte (2-3 students needed to...
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    Someone out for a drink?

    Hi all, Let me know if something is happening. My boyfriend and I would love to come out for a drink. best!
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    Piano Lessons

    Can anyone recommend a good singing teacher? I have been taking singing lessons for ten years and am a pretty advanced student, so I'd probably want someone with a good deal of teaching and/or singing experience. Unfortunately I am an abysmal singer when it comes to popular styles (rock, pop...
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    New Folks From NYC

    Hi Erica, My boyfriend and I met in university in New York City and are now living downtown as well. And our clocks were an hour off as well for a while : ). We're also relatively new and are still getting used to the city. I believe there are several writers groups, some of which you can find...
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    What's the secret to happiness in Buenos Aires?

    Hmm, I would argue that they just feel different types of unhappiness. I think living at or below the poverty line gives rise to a lot more stress (constantly trying to figure out how to make ends meet, etc) whereas living a life centered around possessions would bring about more depression...
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    What's the secret to happiness in Buenos Aires?

    Ok, duly corrected. I'll change that to “an instinct among residents of relatively wealthy countries travelling abroad.”
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    What's the secret to happiness in Buenos Aires?

    I'm sorry, I totally see your point, but I think it's a worrying instinct among Americans travelling in Latin America to glorify poverty. To think that somehow those people by the side of the road are living a more "authentic," "real," and "happy" life than people in the United States. Perhaps...
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    Can I come as a tourist, stay as rentista?

    Ok, admittedly I have only been living here for a month, and I'm sure your other responders are much more knowledgeable about the city than I. However, just to put it in perspective, having lived all my life in very large cities in two different continents, BsAs doesn't strike me as a lot more...
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    Cheap Tango Classes?

    Thanks so much for the advice! We're going to give Canelo a try tomorrow and then, if we're really confused, we'll try the other two. Also, tangobob, do the places you mention also offer free tango lessons on weekends, or is that just a during the week thing (our weeks are a little full). And...
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    Cheap Tango Classes?

    Thanks so much for the suggestion! I gave them a call, and they seemed very nice and friendly. We speak Spanish at an intermediate level, but sometimes have trouble understanding the accent here. We'll give it a try and see if we get totally lost.
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    Cheap Tango Classes?

    Does anyone know where my boyfriend and I can take cheap and fun beginners tango classes in Buenos Aires? I have searched online, but it seems a lot of classes are either private or marketed towards tourists (and pretty pricey). We would like to take classes in a group, but are beginners, and...