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    English teacher wanted

    I have some private students who I can no longer teach and I would like to recommend another English teacher to them. 3 are high intermediate levels. They want and need a teacher who will help them improve their business English vocabulary. (i.e. practice interviews, role playing a sales /...
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    priv.bdrm in shared apt. in palermo botanico

    I'm looking for another girl to share my apartment with. It will just be the two of us. I'm American. I moved here 6 months ago to teach English. I teach 5 days a week, in the mornings and evenings and I typically come home for lunch. On the weekends I like to go to cafes, movies and dinner with...
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    UBA Spanish class info?

    Where can I find info on Spanish classes offered at UBA? I searched their website but had difficulty finding info such as: When classes start? How many hours per day / per week? How long do the classes run (monthly, semester) When are the classes held (morning, afternoon) What are the costs /...
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    freelance/paying U.S taxes

    I'm looking into picking up contract work with an American company while in B.A. Which U.S. taxes must/should I pay, even though I'm not residing there? (federal taxes, state taxes, local taxes)
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    English Language Schools

    I'm interested in Teaching English in BsAs... Can anyone recommend: what English Language Schools to avoid working for and what language schools are decent / fair?
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    ESL Teacher / Visas / DNI

    Hola, I plan on moving to BA at the end of the year to teach English. I was wondering if someone could give me some insight on how I will go about obtaining a working visa / residency visa. Will the school that hires me give these to me or must I do the leg work? Also, what length...