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    Eager Salespeople

    I was very casually shopping for a leather jacket today and was having a lot of trouble fending off Argentine salespeople. Clearly they are just doing their job, but coming for the land of enormous department stores in which you can browse peacefully and probably couldn't even find a store...
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    Travel Advice

    My boyfriend and I are thinking of traveling somewhere for either a night or a perhaps a few days over New Years and were hoping for suggestions. I read all the great advice regarding trips to the south posted recently, but was hoping for suggestions regarding slightly shorter trips (and either...
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    Seeking cooking classmate

    Since there has been a lot of talk about learning to cook recently on this site, I figured I'd see if anyone was interested in taking a cooking class with me. I am hoping to find a fellow cooking student to join me in Monday night Italian cooking classes in Bario Norte (2-3 students needed to...
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    Cheap Tango Classes?

    Does anyone know where my boyfriend and I can take cheap and fun beginners tango classes in Buenos Aires? I have searched online, but it seems a lot of classes are either private or marketed towards tourists (and pretty pricey). We would like to take classes in a group, but are beginners, and...