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    Where to Buy Cheap Luggage

    I need to pick up a large duffel bag with wheels and was hoping someone knew of a place where I could do that on the cheap. Thanks in advance.
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    Paying Visa Overstay at Newbery?

    Has anyone paid the 300 pesos fine for overstaying the tourist visa at Aeroparque Newbery? I've read about how it works at Ezeiza and wanted to confirm that there was the same infrastructure at Newbery (immigration office and bank, etc.). Thanks in advance.
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    Where to find Turkeys

    Anyone had any luck finding a turkey for Thanksgiving? I've found lots of chickens but no luck on Turkeys.
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    Working in an Argentine Law Firm

    I'm interested in working in an Argentine law firm. I am trained and licensed in the US (Florida) and have worked for a firm in Santiago, Chile. Was wondering if anyone: 1) Had any stories about working in a firm here, and/or 2) Had any contacts or references that may be of use. Thanks in...
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    Looking for a Call Center

    Interested in finding how much Argentine call centers charge for outbound calls in Argentina and to other Latin American countries. If anyone has any info or recommendations, much appreciated.
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    Therapist Recommendations

    Looking for recommendations on Therapists in Buenos Aires. Did a search of the site and the ones listed are either out of the country by now or not responding. Anyone know of a good therapist? English speaking is preferable but not essential. Cheers.
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    Non-emergency appointments at Public Hospitals

    Can someone explain the "turno" system at public hospitals to me? If you need a non-emergency dr.'s appointment my understanding is you show up early and get a turno. Is that only good for the day? Do you have to wait indefinitely until they get to you that day or can you schedule a time...
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    Best Terrazas in Town

    I've been here for a few weeks and have become a big fan of the outdoor seating available at so many restaurants so I wanted to know if people had any recommendations for places with great terrazas. Somewhere nice to sit out and grab some drinks and a nice meal.
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    Brunch in Palermo

    Hi guys. Was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on good places for a proper brunch in Palermo. I looked through the threads and didn't find anything too recent. Any thoughts? Cheers
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    New Guy Looking for Advice on Life in BA

    Hi everyone. I'm a 31 year old US lawyer relocating from Santiago, Chile to Buenos Aires next week. Very exciting for me. I just wanted to introduce myself and say that I am looking forward to life in BA and would welcome any advice on anything about BA as I only know the city as a tourist...