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  1. em618

    Potential International Student

    a bit late, but here's my experience at UBA:
  2. em618

    Public Universities

    I studied International Migration Policy at UBA, I wrote a bit about my experience on my blog
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    Graduate School In Argentina For U.s. Citizen

    Here's my experience doing a master's degree at UBA:
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    Postgrad In Uba/argentine Public U As Us Citizen

    Here's my experience doing a master's degree at UBA, hope it's helpful to some of you
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    To Dni or not to Dni?

    I like having a DNI. The main benefits are that you can work anywhere (as an employee or monotributista), you can have have a bank account, you don't have to leave every 90 days (or pay the fine if you don't), you can travel around the Mercosur area without paying the reciprocity fee (I entered...
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    Where to dance Salsa?

    azucar abasto is my pick, they play a mix of salsa and bachata on friday and saturday nights (with some random electronic music and reggaeton later on around 4am), plus they have decent classes pretty much every night of the week. went out dancing at la salsera only once, also a mix of salsa...
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    interviews with US citizens living in Buenos Aires

    just from the US, but thanks anyway!
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    interviews with US citizens living in Buenos Aires

    hey everyone- I'm still looking for a few more people to interview for my thesis on Americans living in Buenos Aires, so let me know if you're up for going for coffee and telling me your story!
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    So why did you move to Buenos Aires?

    thanks people, this is awesome!
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    Latest influx of immigrants

    thanks Matt, anyone else want to weigh in?
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    So why did you move to Buenos Aires?

    thanks to all of you for sharing! keep 'em coming....
  12. em618

    So why did you move to Buenos Aires?

    Hi everyone, I'm doing research on expats (from the USA in particular) living in Buenos Aires for my thesis, and would love to hear your personal story, or even just hear your thoughts on the issue! So.... - why (and when) did you move here? - do you like living here? Why or why not? - what...
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    Latest influx of immigrants

    Hi everyone, I have a question that will help me with a research project and I'd love to hear your thoughts, and feel this thread might be a good place to do it. - For those of you that are living long-term in Buenos Aires, do you consider yourselves to be "immigrants"? Why or why not? Thanks!
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    interviews with US citizens living in Buenos Aires

    Thanks for the replies! To clarify a couple things: I'd like to interview US citizens that were born and raised in the States and that have moved to the city of Buenos Aires during the last decade (the time period of the study is the year 2001 until present). Thanks to everyone for their interest!
  15. em618

    interviews with US citizens living in Buenos Aires

    Hi everyone! I’m researching U.S. citizens living in Buenos Aires (myself included) for my master’s thesis in international immigration (at UBA). If you're a US citizen that has been living in Buenos Aires for at least 1 year, and would be interested in being interviewed about why you moved to...
  16. em618

    free spanish conversation classes and language exchange

    Hi everyone, I've noticed that a lot of people are looking for conversation exchange so I just wanted to pass the word around that the school I work at has 1) free Spanish convo class every Wed 2) every friday convo class + social event with the English students (okay, this one isn't free but...
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    Need recommndation for English / Spanish exchange group

    every friday at LV studio (facebook: LV Studio Spanish & English Classes) there is a conversation night (class + social event) and it's only $20 pesos I think. Basically English and spanish students go and take class at the same time (in different classrooms of course) then all go to a bar to...
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    spanish conversational classes

    Hey there, I don't know any private teachers, but there's a free weekly conversation class at my Spanish school (LV Studio) on Wednesdays at 3:30pm. No strings attached. It's a good way to practice conversation and useful whether you end up taking private classes or not. Good luck! Emily
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    Spanish classes

    Hi Nick! I did a 10-hour per week Spanish group course at LV Studio (Palermo). I agree that 20 hours is too much, which is why I signed up with them. 10 hours per week was perfect because I went to class 11:30-1:30 and then had the rest of the day to do other things or practice on the streets. I...
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    Creamfields Tickets..

    I need a ticket if anyone has one to sell.....1533290698