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    Looking for bike shop in Recoleta

    No idea about the tyre situation but there's a bike shop on Santa Fe and Scalabrini if you can't find anything closer. Subte linea D stop. It's on Scalabrini between Santa Fe and Arenales, just after the Itau (which is after a Galicia bank).
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    Know any creative ways to practise Spanish?

    There are various language exchange websites you can try: (rosetta stone) Both are huge sites so you should be able to find plenty of people in Buenos Aires...
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    Inexpensive bedspread or quilt?

    I walked into - Night Time/Bed Time (can't remember exactly the name on Paunero/Cervino corner) and asked about a duvet and cover. $3,000 pesos the woman told me. I spent the next week in shock, muttering to myself "£500 for a bl*%dy duvet" over and over...
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    ..some good music in castellano!!

    I like Maná from Mexico a lot - their MTV unplugged album is a good place to start...
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    The route from perma-tourist to legal.

    Whether you use a lawyer here or not, you will have to sort out your UK birth certificate and police record check your self. With the birth certificate there are companies that will order it for you, apostile it, and mail it to you. But I ordered a new copy of mine from...
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    Colonia 90 days almost not extended accidentaly?

    This weekend I went to Colonia on the saturday and came back on the sunday. My last 90 day stamp expires on April 5th. First of all, when I left, after getting the exit stamp, the lady told me to try and get back before the 5th - when my last expires. I thought why would she say that if I have...
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    asado anyone?

    I'll be going - look forward to it!
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    Expats meet up this Friday night

    I'll be there too tomorrow...
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    Nottingham forest 1 swansea 0

    I was at the city ground a few years ago (not by choice, old flat mate was a supporter!) when Dave Beasant was in goal - in the warm up he was practising his hand kicks and was able to pick off people warming up in the other penalty area, pretty funny, he was enjoying himself. Unfortunately that...
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    English Pound collapsing

    All this talk of diversification and pending apocalypse has convinced me the best idea is to liquidate all of my electrical goods into pesos using mercado libre, and diversify those assets into a combination of Bear Grylls/Ray Mears instructional books, and Mad Max style dune buggies.
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    Anyone know where some basketball pickup games are?

    Don't know about basketball but there is usually regular football games posted here:
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    Argentine Movie Recommendations

    El Secreto de Sus Ojos
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    Looking for a good dentist

    Av Pueyrredón 1487 1 B - Adrian Martinez, 4826 7072 100 pesos for a checkup/clean 100 pesos for a filling Real nice guy, came recommended from local friends
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    job opportunity for Americans (videos for US market)

    Wow that article is just what I have been looking for - thanks! I don't find it weird in the slightest. For a while now I have been trying to murder several enemies of mine (as you do) but could never quite get the job done, I was having huge difficulties maintaining a sufficient level of...
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    Any football (soccer) players here?

    The only kick arounds I have got are from the posts that popup here weekly:
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    Argentine bank account - without DNI

    I was finally able to open a bank account today: - applied for and receieved certificado de domocilio (it was left with the portero) - followed the steps outlined by steveinbsas for getting the CDI. Was in and out of AFIP in less than 10 minutes! Then I went to various banks with CDI /...
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    Lan Vs Aerolineas

    Lan website booking process: 1. You are not Argentine - pay a little bit extra - fair enough. 2. Enter payment details. 3. Done! Aerolineas website booking process: 1. You are not Argentine - pay 50% more. 2. Do not enter payment details. Instead, root around the page for a while wondering how...
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    Argentine bank account - without DNI

    I've heard that both HSBC and Rio Santander allow foreigners to open up local bank accounts with only a passport and a "Certificado de Domicilio". Can anyone confirm this or is it one of these "it depends which member of staff you speak to on the day and which side of the bed they got out of"?
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    Visa - Certificate of criminal records

    Hello, Anyone know what is the English equivalent to the below visa criteria: "Certificate of criminal records issued by the country of origin or the place where the person has lived for the last 5 years prior to his/her entry to the country (only required for those people who are over 16...
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    Hello all New member here!

    Seems to be a few people in the same situation here - myself included! I would be up for a meet any day next week from tuesday onwards... As for football - I asked on here a few weeks ago and didn't really get anywhere. But - I found a game on another site and got a game there...