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    Tough Times Ahead?

    This is correct and it surely would depend on how the gobierno would and could handle a new crisis. Obviously you are right. I will let you know in a year or two. Yes, I were aware very well. I lived in Chile before moving here. Chile has a more stable economy (at least in the past years)...
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    Internet censored !!

    Probably they do have an article included related to south america, argentina or whatever/whoever and restricted access to their site to some countries.Take a look at Wikipedia. They did it before to UK readers. Quote: In early March 2007 the paper...
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    Tough Times Ahead?

    Simple question steveinbsas: Why not? We did it. If it comes another crash everything will become cheap again (at least for some time). Argentina was an expensive Metropolitan City before the crash and it is becoming expensive again. The whole world does have inflation - some more some less...
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    Hola a todos. Freelancers/Creatives?

    Hi Jimmy, Thanks for your message. We just sent you a note ... palermo_couple
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    BigMac Index: Argentina more expensive than US

    Very entertaining article TODAY in "La Nacion" and a second one in the same newspaper The British newspaper "The economist" is publishing the "Big Mac Index" annualy. - Mc Donalds Hamburger in Buenos Aires 2% more expensive than in the US. - 3 years before it was 46% cheaper - Peso 2%...
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    Aerolineas Argentina

    Spanish Iberia took over the majority of AA in 90's. There was a lot of subventions and help from the spanish government in that years but they can't make it to get AA profitable. They sold it to the spanish Marsans group and they also invested strongly - without success ($30,000,000 loss per...
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    looking to meet people

    Yep, we'll be there tomorrow ! Marion. Would you like to post here where and at what time also for other readers who might be interested to join us ?
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    looking to meet people

    Hi all. We just arrived 5 weeks ago. We are a couple with a boy (38/40/4 years old) and we do live in "Palermo Sentimental" (near to Soho and the "Alto Palermo"). Anyone up for having LATE BREAKFAST or COFFEE together some day during the week or weekends? Couples with kid/s, couples or...
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    Hola a todos. Freelancers/Creatives?

    Hi everybody. Congrats - nice forum ! It will be a pleasure to participate. We are a couple with kid (38/40/4 years) just arrived 5 weeks ago (we live in Palermo). I am a graphic designer working as a freelancer - remotely through the Internet ... What are you working all (if not retired ;-)...