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    Transportation for you and your pets

    Transportation for you and your pets: • Buenos Aires, Capital and Province. • Airports, Port, Buquebus, Stations of buses, trains, hotel. FREE - Toll fees and parking fees • Modern and comfortable vehicle • The transfer vehicles can accommodate 6 passengers with luggage • Pick-up service from...
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    Traveling to the US with my dog

    Can help you have the entire process within 4 Hours . My whatsapp +54 9 11 3438-0712
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    Portuguese lessons?

    CCLS Buenos Aires is a Brazilian School right here in Argentina.
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    Taking a dog to Colombia - Which airlines?

    Lee You can try Copa Airlines Jim Anderson PetsVentura Pet Relocation Solutions
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    Palermo Veterinarian Recommendation ?

    Veterinary HouseCall Service by All are veterinarians are bilingual and/or Americans. More information here
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    Beware of PETS VENTURA - High Prices for Bad Service

    Our high end quality of services are not meant for every pocket. In Argentina we charge for boarding US$25 for each day of boarding while the same service has the value of US$60 in North America. If you cannot pay for high end look somewhere else and be happy BYI I do not recall that ever...
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    Beware of PETS VENTURA - High Prices for Bad Service

    We figure these companied before it happen. Unfortunately, who ever write here, and I know the people that are driving the compain, were contracted a service and they received 100% of what they ordered. All is documented including their signatures on the services they bought, emails, and voice...
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    Coming to BsAs with dog..

    Veterinary Housecall Services of PetsVentura® provides high quality, compassionate, veterinary medical care in the stress free and convenient environment of your own home. We offer a full range of services for companion animals, including: at-home wellness checks and vaccinations, diagnosis...
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    Bringing an Argentine Pet Back Home with Me???

    Traveling with puppy regulations: Certain requirements that must be met before the puppy can travel. The puppy must be up to date on all vaccinations that are mandatory by the state or country the puppy will be traveling to. This usually includes a rabies vaccination. You must also be aware...
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    Spanish teacher in Pilar?

    CCLS Buenos Aires school provide classes in the North Zone incl Pliar.
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    Group Spanish class approx 10 hours/week?

    Why not to try learning with CCLS Buenos Aires? CCLS is a language school in Buenos Aires (2 locations) which offers Spanish classes to foreigners living, working or visiting Argentina. We offer group or one-on-one classes, from basic to...
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    Translator needed...

    One company to give a try for any translations jobs or interpreter is ABC Translations Group For more info
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    Traveling dog

    Contact Pet Relocation Solutions. I am sure we can help you
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    Dogs on the ferry offers door-to-door pet transport services, arranging safe, friendly domestic and international animal transportation for people. It is a company located in BA and is a member of IPATA and can assist you with the requirements of traveling with your pets anywhere in Latin...
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    Recommend a Spanish Institute?

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    Customs Broker to bring dog from US to Argentina

    PETSVENTURA PET RELOCATION SOLUTIONS®, Announces tailored Pet Relocation solutions. We offer different pet relocation solutions for different kinds of people and businesses. To the added advantage, customers can order now full relocation package or order tailored service meet your own needs...
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    English Speaking Vet?

    Most of all veteran BAEXPATS used or heard about PETSVENTURA. We provide large range of services for pets lovers in several languages incl.: Spanish, English, Portuguese and Hebrew. For more information have a look at our website or blog
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    Re: Pet Hotel / nice kennel

    The best pet hotel and managed by north american is in Martinez. My friends are using their services for the last2 years and love it. Their web page
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    pet nanny/walker

    Have you look at The owner is Canadian and the service is fantastic. Good luck