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    You should try - you can find local translators there and deal with them one-on-one. Rates per word are also posted there. Good luck!
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    Videographer in BsAs

    Hi All - I'm looking for a videographer in BsAs to record several sessions at an upcoming conference. Any suggestions or recommendations would be much appreciated! Thanks! Leslie
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    Moving back to United States - help!

    My husband & I are planning our move back to the US after 2 years here in Argentina (La Plata). I am looking for recommendations for shipping some of the furniture and all of the artwork we acquired here in Argentina. Any other suggestions or tips about the move back are also appreciated...
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    Exit Tax...flying to US

    Agreed with the above - the exit tax is not included in all airline ticket purchases - including through Orbitz.
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    FBI Background... Apostilled?

    I have to concur with @citygirl - As far as I know you DO need to have the FBI background check apostilled and the 6 months answer is correct - again as long as you HAVE NOT been back to the US during that time. If you have been back in the US - you have to get a new FBI background check.
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    Luggage Storage at Jorge Newberry Aeroparque airport?

    Thanks for the reply - I'll keep that as an option!
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    Luggage Storage at Jorge Newberry Aeroparque airport?

    Has anyone used or have any information regarding short term luggage storage at aeroparque (Jorge Newberry) airport? We have some friends coming into town staying with us in La Plata then spending some time in Mendoza before a few days in Buenos Aires and they will have too much luggage for...
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    Dealing with Homesickness

    I have to say that Video skype is the best thing for homesickness. My husband & I bought everyone in our family (each household) and our close friends inexpensive webcams for Christmas just before we moved from the US to Argentina. We video skype with almost everyone at least once every two...
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    Prescriptions filled in BA from US Doctor's

    My family is moving to Argentina (La Plata) in a few months, does anyone know if it will be possible to get a US Doctors prescription fill at an Argentine Pharmacy? We do plan you getting insurance as soon as possible, but would like to have our important meds able to be filled as soon as we...
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    Looking for Household items

    Keep me posted - we will be in BA/La Plata late January to secure housing etc with a final move date for March 10th. We also need a bed as well.
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    Housing in La Plata

    Looking for housing in La Plata: 1) Jan 18 - Feb 16 - furnished rental for visit - needs 1 bedroom 2) March 1st - long term (2 years +) - 2+ bedrooms, 2 bathroom, not furnished, dogs ok, yard, parilla a plus. Thanks!
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    Looking for Household items

    Moving to BA in March 09 - will be coming down to secure housing etc in January. I am looking for all household items that anyone is willing to sell - furniture, bedding, tv, cleaning supplies (mop, broom etc), lamps and lighting, pots/pans - we need everything and would love to hook up with an...
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    Taking the plunge and moving to LaPlata in March 09 from Philadelphia

    I will be moving with my 2 dogs and my husband. Any suggestions anyone can lend are helpful. We will be coming down in Jan/Feb for 3 weeks to get a place and set up the move on the Argentina end. We will need furniture and electronics from any ex-pats planning on moving back around March-April