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  1. em618

    So why did you move to Buenos Aires?

    Hi everyone, I'm doing research on expats (from the USA in particular) living in Buenos Aires for my thesis, and would love to hear your personal story, or even just hear your thoughts on the issue! So.... - why (and when) did you move here? - do you like living here? Why or why not? - what...
  2. em618

    interviews with US citizens living in Buenos Aires

    Hi everyone! I’m researching U.S. citizens living in Buenos Aires (myself included) for my master’s thesis in international immigration (at UBA). If you're a US citizen that has been living in Buenos Aires for at least 1 year, and would be interested in being interviewed about why you moved to...
  3. em618

    free spanish conversation classes and language exchange

    Hi everyone, I've noticed that a lot of people are looking for conversation exchange so I just wanted to pass the word around that the school I work at has 1) free Spanish convo class every Wed 2) every friday convo class + social event with the English students (okay, this one isn't free but...
  4. em618

    Halloween party tomorrow!!

    Hey guys! If any of you aren't sure what to do tomorrow for Halloween (the options in BA are limited) my language school (LV STUDIO) is throwing a halloween party and everyone is welcome to come. Tomorrow night around 10pm (or later) at Caracas Bar in Palermo. Send me a message if you want to...
  5. em618

    native English Teachers

    Hi everyone! My language studio is hiring qualified teachers! If you have experience, a TEFL certificate, are staying in BsAs at least until December, send us your CV! Thanks! Emily
  6. em618

    private bedroom in shared apartment avail June 15-Aug 5

    need a temporary room in Buenos Aires??? I'm leaving the country for 7 weeks and would like to sublet my room in my 2 bedroom apartment I share with a 23 year old girl from England (here studying Spanish and teaching English). Both Spanish (preferred) and English spoken in the apartment. I'll be...
  7. em618

    Need apartment from now until mid-June, 1500pesos/month

    I need to move out of my current apartment as soon as possible (by April 1st). I would like to find a furnished 1-bedroom or studio somewhere in the price range of 1200-1500 pesos (and I would like to pay in pesos as that is the currency I earn), for a term of 3 months. I am really flexible...
  8. em618

    looking to meet people

    Chau! I just moved here a few days ago and would like to meet some new people. Anyone interested in lunch/dinner/drinks sometime? I'm 28, American. I'm in BA to teach English, learn Spanish, and have some fun :) Suerte, Emily