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    Colonia 90 days almost not extended accidentaly?

    This weekend I went to Colonia on the saturday and came back on the sunday. My last 90 day stamp expires on April 5th. First of all, when I left, after getting the exit stamp, the lady told me to try and get back before the 5th - when my last expires. I thought why would she say that if I have...
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    Lan Vs Aerolineas

    Lan website booking process: 1. You are not Argentine - pay a little bit extra - fair enough. 2. Enter payment details. 3. Done! Aerolineas website booking process: 1. You are not Argentine - pay 50% more. 2. Do not enter payment details. Instead, root around the page for a while wondering how...
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    Argentine bank account - without DNI

    I've heard that both HSBC and Rio Santander allow foreigners to open up local bank accounts with only a passport and a "Certificado de Domicilio". Can anyone confirm this or is it one of these "it depends which member of staff you speak to on the day and which side of the bed they got out of"?
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    Visa - Certificate of criminal records

    Hello, Anyone know what is the English equivalent to the below visa criteria: "Certificate of criminal records issued by the country of origin or the place where the person has lived for the last 5 years prior to his/her entry to the country (only required for those people who are over 16...
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    Any Football (soccer) kickarounds?

    Hello, Anybody know of any regular football games going on and in need of numbers? Skill-wise I would place myself somewhere between Lothar Matthaus and Titus Bramble... Cheers!