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    Hairdresser that speaks English?

    I just had a haircut from Ryan and it was probably the best haircut I've had in 5 years. For a guy who has thinning hair, it is tough to find anyone who knows how to properly cut it and I can say with certainty that he does.
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    New Years Eve?

    I'm looking for a good option as well but so far, everybody I've asked seems to be as clueless as me. If anyone knows of a good party, please post it here.
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    Can you make local calls with Skype?

    Since calling on Skype is equivalent to calling from an international phone, a call made to an Argentine cell will definitely use the other person's credit.
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    iPod Charger

    I went to Alto Palermo today to buy an iPod Touch charger. They are charging 279 pesos, which is pretty ridiculous. I bought the knockoff version but it will not charge my iPod Touch (it is the newest version and I have read that Apple modified something so that it only works with newer...
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    Looking for a gym equipment store

    I'm looking for a gym equipment store, specifically one that sells a foam roller (generally used for stretching leg muscles). Does anybody know of such a place in BA?