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    Cheap Travel tips??

    ANy ideas on cheapest way to get from Colombia (or Ecuador) to Argentina...Bs As or Salta. Thanks
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    English Speaking Travel Agents

    Hi I am lazy and trying to organise flights to and from here, Europe and central America... Does anyone know of an English speaking travel agent who can help me?? Cheers Brook
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    Physio or Chiro recommendations

    Hi there.. Can anyone recommend a physio or chiropractor?? Would need to be english speaking. Thanks Brook
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    Looking for ANY kind of work

    OK. I know I am not the first...and won´t be the last...but I am an Australian traveller who has decided to stay in BA, so am looking for cash work. (Please note, I have almost no Spanish!) My training and previous life was in TV / Radio production but I have also worked as a nanny, run a...
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    Babysitter / Nanny

    Hello I am a 33 yesr old Australian female....with nearly 20 years babysitting experience as well as being former nanny to triplets! I have recently moved to Buenos Aires and am currently studying Spanish. I am available afternoons, nights and weekends for babysitting and housekeeping...