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    Bring cats back to the UK - Micro Chipping Pets

    We are planning a move to the UK in the next 6 months and I want to get moving on the process of getting our cats (2) micro chipped, vaccinated and certified for travel so that we can get them into the UK without the 6 month quarantine being applied. My biggest issue is finding a Vet here that...
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    Jack Johnson at Quilmes Rock 2011

    I have 4 tickets for Jack Johnson for May 19th to sell at face value if anyone is interested? Cheers
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    Mobile 3G issue Movistar - HTC Desire HD Horror

    After much debate and mental anguish I decided to not get an iPhone while abroad and I came back from Europe with an unlocked HTC Desire HD only to discover that it will not connect to the 3G network here, at least automatically! I have messed around with the settings found online but cannot...
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    Hook For Hanging a Bike

    Does anyone know where I would be able to get a hook to hang up my bike on the balcony? Cheers, Paddy
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    God of War 3 and Heavy Rain for PS3

    For the gamers out there... By no fault of my own I now have spare, unopened copies of these games. I am willing to part with them at cost of us$55 each which is a big saving on what you would pay for them here :-) Just reply to me if interested and we can arrange a meet or something. Thanks...
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    Playstation Heads! Please advise if you brought a console from europe

    Hi All, Currently in the UK and trying not to succumb to the temptation of buying a new slimline PS3 for myself. Can anyone point out the pitfalls to me? I know I may have power and NTSC/PAL issues but if anyone has come accross them yet I'd love to hear about them and avoid them if I...
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    IMP LEY 25413 - Bank Charges

    Has anyone noticed this being taken from their bank accounts? What exactly is it? I find its getting bigger and bigger on mine and I onyl see it taken since October, nothing before. I have raised it with the bank to check but they take ages. thanks
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    Cat Sitter Service

    anyone know of a cat sitter service that will pop in to feed them and change litter etc while away? thanks.
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    Residency and Permanent DNI

    I have been a contracted worker here since March 06 and in March 09 I am due to get my permanent DNI (on the third renewal) but I have just been advised that our team is being dispanded so my contract is only until Dec 08. How can I still avail of the chance to get my permanent DNI? As an...
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    paddy irishman

    Hi All, Paddy from Ireland here, newish to the forum so thought I would introduce myself fist. Living in Argentina nearly 4yrs now. Love the site and forum, have some queries and I hope it helps. Thanks, Paddy