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    Changing my name

    Hello I'm from the UK and am marrying my Argentinian boyfriend later this year. I'm planning to take his surname, but am worried this could cause me problems when I apply for the DNI. As I understand it, the DNI will have to be in my maiden name. My question is, does the name on my...
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    Native English Teacher Required

    Hello I'm looking for a replacement to teach in-company Business English classes in the centre (9 de Julio). The classes run twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, from 3-5pm. The levels are Mid and Upper Intermediate. If you're interested please PM me with your private email...
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    Villa La Angostura and Frutillar!

    Hello! I'm planning a trip to the south and am looking for guest houses/hostels in Villa La Angostura and Frutillar (Chile). If anyone has any recommendations I'd be really grateful! Cheers Claire
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    Mosquito net

    Hello! I'm looking for a mosquito net, the kind that fits over a double bed. If anyone could point me in the right direction I'd be very grateful! Cheers Claire
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    Room to rent in Recoleta

    Single room to rent in Argentinean owner´s apartment in Recoleta. 1200 pesos per month, including bills (except phone). Contact Fanny for details at
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    Hello! I'm a qualified massage therapist and wish to add to my repertoire! I'm particularly interested in reiki and wonder if anybody knows of an institute that offers training in this and other therapies such as shiatsu and acupressure. I'd prefer to go by recommendation if possible. Many...
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    Hi there Can anybody recommend anybody/anywhere that offers waxing in the Congreso area. Many thanks Claire
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    TV for sale

    Buenas tardes! My boyfriend has a TV for sale. Here are the details: Admiral 20", model TG-203-AM, AR$350. It's 5 years old and is in perfect condition. Contact me if you are interested. Cheers Claire
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    Guitar lessons

    Hello I wish to study classical guitar. Can anybody recommend a good teacher? I need somebody who can speak English because although I´m learning Spanish, I´m still a beginner. Many thanks Claire
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    Spanish immersion courses

    Hello I´m looking for a good Spanish course. Can anybody recommend one? I have the basics but I´m still very much a beginner. So far I´ve looked at the UBA and ECELA. Many thanks in advance Claire
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    New from the UK

    Hello! My name´s Claire and I arrived from the UK yesterday. I´ve come here to be with my boyfriend. I´m planning to teach English and study Spanish and tango :-) I´m really pleased to have found this website. It has some great information and helped me a lot in preparing for the trip...