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    Bicylcles on Rent

    Hey Ifty, I have a bike tour/rental company but we ride cruisers as the city is flat and made for sitting back and relaxing while seeing the sites. However, in the near future we will have mountain bikes available for special requests such as yours. Let me know if you're interested in trying...
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    Im new!

    Hi Kate! Great choice in moving here. Not sure if you've done the typical tour yet but we do bike tours throughout the city and would love to show you around. It's a great way to familiarize yourself with the routes, the cities layout, and we show you some great locations to really experience...
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    New face in a strange place

    You made the right decision! What made you choose Recoleta? My office is on the border of Recoleta/Palermo, love the area. If you want to get out and see the city on two wheels, let me know! Enjoy!
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    New Englishman arrived last week

    Hey there! Welcome to this beautiful city and with just enough time to soak up the blue sunny skies. If you would like to see the city on two wheels let me know! Enjoy!
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    Superbowl Party?

    Does anyone know the what's and where's of a super bowl party here? Is it going to be nationally televised or are they going to show woman's tennis like last night? BAexpats party in the making...:D
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    Learning the Spanish Language. Where to start?

    I'm not exactly participating in any training program, but I do live with my Colombian girlfriend and her sister who speaks very little English and I have to say it is the absolute best way to learn Spanish. I've taken classes before but nothing beats having to speak, listen and live it...
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    Taken a tour yet?

    Ries, you make a very good point. I don't have the exact address on the site because I don't want people showing up to my place randomly but you're right that I need to mention that I live in Palermo, Plaza Italia. Much appreciated my friend...
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    Another newbie!

    Hi Kelley! Great decision, you'll absolutely love it here. I too moved here from California a little over a year and a half ago and can't seem to part ways. Whoever BigMike is sounds like he showed you the ropes of how things function more or less around here. In terms of fun, I can name quite...
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    Taken a tour yet?

    I just wanted to say thank you all for your replies, yes even you orwellian, for you sarcastically brought up my main competition which is peoples fear of traffic in the city. Surprisingly, the city has been working hard to create alternative commuting options and has almost completed a bike...
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    Taken a tour yet?

    If you know where you're going and avoid main streets, it's the perfect place to ride ;)
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    Taken a tour yet?

    We are a brand new business in Buenos Aires inspiring everyone to see the cities sites on two wheels. Offering bike rentals, bike tours and bike purchases, outmatches competition with our unique pricing philosophy that everyone should truly appreciate. Any comments...
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    another newcomer

    I also live in Palermo with my girlfriend. How do you like the area? I used to live in San Telmo and I have to say I miss it dearly. Have you been on any tours of the city yet? We just started up a bicycle tour and rental company if you and your friends are interested in checking out the sites...
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    Little intro - Hi from Jamie

    Bienvenidos! I am certain you will find this place to be your home away from home. I came initially for a 3 month vacation that turned into a 2 year stay. If you want any type of advice, social network, or if your boyfriend plays football, I would be more than happy to assist. Hope you enjoy...
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    Tour Buenos Aires on 2 wheels with me!

    We are a brand new organization in Buenos Aires inspiring everyone to explore the city on two wheels. We offer our bikes for renting or taking a tour with me personally. Please visit our website to see how uniquely affordable your experience will be and to get a better feel for our company's...