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    Classical musicians

    Wherever I end up (am still sorting stuff in prep for escape from usa) Life will be sweeter if I have fellow classical musicians to play with for enjoyment and maybe performance. At present this consists of accompanying my students and working with them (me on melodica) on stuff such as this...
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    San Miguel de Tucuman?

    Has anybody experienced the above city or got friends there? What little I can find about it sounds idyllic -- half a million people but there's really not much info available. Gracias!
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    Is Cordoba an especial success story?

    I find not only BA but Cordoba alluring as a possible escape from the crumbling USA. No doubt many of you have knowledge of that city and province, some from living there. Is it true what Wikipedia says? Cordoba has continued to prosper, despite left-wing violence in 1973, right-wing...
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    Economics, inflation, long-term COL

    Greetings! I'm a would-be (probably will-be) expat fascinated with BA and in frequent dialog with others either already relocated to South America, buying property there or seriously considering it. Our main guy (let's call him JC) lives in Santiago and says Chile is the only place to be...
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    Hello and questions

    Greetings, all. I am considering moving to South America, and Buenos Aires seems as alluring as any fair city. My profession is different than most people's -- church music of a traditional, basically classical type, although I consider my repertoire and style very populistic. People tell me...