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    FBI criminal record

    Question for you who had to get the FBI criminal record to apply for residency or work permit. Is there a way to check on the status other than waiting and crossing my fingers. I applied for my records at the begining of September and other than them charging my credit card the $18 processing...
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    Recommendations for a gym in Palermo

    Does anyone have recommendations for a gym in Palermo. I went today to try out megatlon in Palermo Alto and while their facilities were pretty nice, it was very crowded and well their prices are ridiculous.
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    Cheap/Easy way to get TEFL certified

    I heard its much easier to get a job teaching English if you are TESL/TEFL certified. Does anyone know where/how you can get this certification in Buenos Aires. I have seen few American companies offering this but they are expensive (around US $2000) for about one month program.
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    Question about Spanish at UBA

    Hi all- I am planning to come to Buenos Aires to study Spanish possibly for few month! I heard University of Buenos Aires has a pretty good and cheap program. Does anyone know if you can register for their program online or do you have do it in person? How advance should one register before...