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    Shipping Pets Requires A Private Company? Is This True?

    Hi. I'm pretty upset because I purchased a United Airline ticket specifically because of it's petsafe program, but now they are saying that I have to use a private carrier. Does anyone have any updates to offer? I don't travel until April, but I want to start to get this worked out.
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    Transporting a dog from Argentina to California

    Hello. I am trying to move back to the states with a cat. I bought a ticket thinking that the United Petsafe plan would deal with her transportation but upon calling the airline (they sent me an email indicating I should) they said I have to get a private carrier to do all the loading/unloading...
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    Where Can I Get A Massage?

    Owen is on BAExpats as Okworks, so you can look up some other reviews. Cheers!
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    Where Can I Get A Massage?

    The absolute best massage-therapist is named Owen K. He studied and practiced in California before coming here and does massage both for relaxation or for injury. He has a post on here. Let me see if I can find it. He does outcalls, I think for $200, (one hour) $270 (one and a half hour...
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    Growing Vegetables in Buenos Aires

    Hey, I'm trying to clean house so I'm getting rid of this book: Farm City: the Education of an Urban Farmer by Novella Carpenter. It's a great book for all the aspiring urban gardeners in the city. I'm asking $35 pesos. I'm in the Almagro area. Here is a link to a picture...
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    Growing Vegetables in Buenos Aires

    I have heirloom tomato seeds (speckled roman and a few black krim seeds left). I have a whole lot of pepper seeds too, if you are interested. I have some hibiscus flower (zinger tea), echinacea and amaranth seeds too. I have filled our balcony to the brim and can't use the seeds fast enough, so...
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    Student Visa question

    Hi there. I don't know if you will have trouble obtaining a student visa if your tourist visa has run out in the process. I suspect they will make you pay the amount it costs to renew your tourist visa. Or you could just go to migrations and renew it to avoid the problem if you are not super...
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    Argentine was sooo mean to me! Is this normal?

    I have dealt with the Argentine consulate in San Francisco, Migrations, the Ministry of Security, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Education in the process of obtaining, and renewing my visa and residency here in Buenos Aires, and the answer is some people are genuinely patient...
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    What a GREAT Surprise This AM!

    You are trying to get jumped right? You know that as soon as we find you we will be confiscating that maple syrup.
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    Can anybody recommend a bi-lingual glossary...
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    Can anybody recommend a bi-lingual glossary...

    The thing is that they don't cut the cow up the same way so you aren't likely to find a chart that will just translate the cuts of meat from spanish to english. At least, I haven't found one and I've been looking for 5 years now. I think your best bet would to be to find a book aimed at teaching...
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    No dollar purchases (for locals) unless travelling abroad?

    According to this article: a bank can deny you dollars if the AFIP has not authorized the purchase. The AFIP will authorize purchases if it approves of the reason for the purchase. There doesn't...
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    Leaving AR with your pet....

    Hi there! This is something I have been wondering about for a while, since bringing our cat back with us is written in the stars. Do you mind me asking, what huge fees you have to pay to bring a cat on a plane? Do you have to travel first class or something? Buy a ticket for the cat? What's the...
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    Sourdough starter

    To anyone who might be pining for sourdough bread, and are willing to make it themselves, I have some starter (the San Francisco variety) and I am happy to share it as long as you bring your own container. Cheers!
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    Foods that could be produced here?

    If anyone is interested in making it themselves, I have an sourdough (San Francisco variety) starter. I can even send you off with instructions. All I request is that you bring your own container and tell me a little about what brings you to Argentina. Cheers!
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    Radical change in rental law

    I agree that it is unfortunate that the "garantía" problem is not being addressed, but all in all this doesn't seem like a bad proposal. It is my understanding that it has been illegal to charge rentals in dollars for years now, but that it just has not been enforced, so it is questionable...
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    Shipping back to the usa

    Hi there. I as also wondering if anyone has any idea of what current shipping costs are like. I am trying to decide if I pay for extra luggage to go back with my brother (U$S 200 per bag!) or whether I try to ship fifty pounds of books back by snail mail. If anyone has shipped anything recently...
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    student visa problems

    You can stay in the country with your tourist visa, and if you renew it (for 300 pesos) you will be able to stay for another 3 months without any problems. HOWEVER, if you are going to a state university then this will not be enough. In fact, my understanding is that if you were going to UBA...
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    electrics and apartments

    Hey there. I can offer you a place in Palermo. It's right above the Plaza Serrano, which is a plaza where there is a fair on the weekends, and is surrounded by restaurants and cafés. Palermo is a nice green area, but not too far out of the way either. The zoo is there, there is a really huge...
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    Guitar lessons???

    I recomend Alexis Alvarez. 4911-2369 or 15-3624-4748. He is very fun, and can play all sorts of styles: tango, blues, flamenco, metal. His English is a little rough, but it's worth it. He's a really great teacher.