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    drinks on thursday

    hey! i´m planning to head out to a small bar in congreso plaza on thursday night. its outdoor seating under the trees facing congreso- for a beer and, i hope, conversation. if interested just send me a private message. thanks
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    Young expats meetup

    i guess 20s and 30s- but i think everyone would be welcome
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    Young expats meetup

    Is there any interest in a meetup of young expats this weekend, maybe saturday or sunday at a bar?
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    Looking to meet up with some other young expats in Bs As

    Hey! Ive been following the forum for the last year, and just now thought Id introduce myself. Ive just returned to Bs As to live here again (lived here for 2 years previously). Im looking to make some connections and some friends around my age for getting out in the city, whether it be to a...