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    Traveling south

    Hi I am new to BA and Argentina I am heading to Terra del Fuego, Patagonia and the Lake District this week One way flight to Ush. and then heading northwest to Patagonia, Bariloche and San Martin.... Any ideas, suggestions, counsel are all welcome and solicited Places to stay, things to...
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    Trying to understand Buenos Aires

    One does not have to put one country or culture down( in this case the USA) in order to try and have an intelligent forum conversation in replying to one person´s initial questions and observations about another city, country and culture( in this case Buenos Aires, Argentina)
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    Moving to Buenos Aires from Rio

    Dear members, I will be moving from Rio de Janeiro(Barra da Tijuca) on Sunday, December 4th, to Buenos Aires and would appreciate any counsel regarding this change. I have spent some time on week long business trips to Buenos Aires but I do not know the city all that well. Any suggestions for...