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    What will CK announce tonight?

    yeah, sure ! what happen if we send some oil plataform near your country!???sorry, stupid is yr coment! ;) and please.. repect!! okay?!
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    Ignorance or bliss?

    Are you Joking? You are talking about propaganda BLISS??!! Funny.. YOU ARE FUNNY! i cant stop seeing that guys,ringing that bell in wall street.WITH A BIIIG SMILE ( that shows, hey everything okay here!)while lots of people are Dieying withuot any chance of medical insurance,without HOUSES. i...
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    There is something I don't get...

    Aleli, Im 90% in your side... but you know something, they never NEVER talk about the dark side of their country... Like they have to pray all days to never have a surgery in a hospital,or pay for a university to their sons for example.... they read the news and walk around paranoic... But , yes...
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    The worst pizza in the world?

    Oh my gosh... I cant really believe it!!! this guys talking about pizza quality!!! In others places like Usa , canada.. that you call GOOD PIZZA???? Thats a piece of shoes with ketchup!!!, allways ketchup taste!! i want really know where can eat a real tomate ... and a plastic on...
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    Paco - a growing problem - as reported in today's Guardian/Observer

    Its very interesting how Uk need to show only the bad part from here, its the way of england to operate, when they are doing the things that they usually do.They need to create conscience to their people..... desesperate from energy , and running like rats to take the no renovable richs of...
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    Petroleum Geologist seeking to relocate.

    Thats means nice?? funny , or something like that? My Friend , that subject its so delicate,the Ocean Guardian is the one that have to be carefull, not the mirages..... what does your country do at similar conditions... if another country put there in your cost 14.000 km away a platform?
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    Dating Argentines...

    Hey ! napoleon, if i could make one person smile before sleep.... thats too much for me.. thats the most beatifull thing happened this week. and thanks to you man !
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    Argentine Women Are All...

    My friend you said it all... check this out. -----> "but for some reason as soon as I open my mouth they launch into questions and we rarely get past the Big 3... 1. Where are you from? - Chicago 2. How old are you? - 31 3. Why are you in Buenos Aires? - To see the city and travel, learn...
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    Dating Argentines...

    argentines womans do what they do ,ONLY cuz men over here dont do nothing to they... in other words. womans here are untouchable.. its cultural!! thats why a girl here has a angry face all day long.. like smelling sh..t I mean cultural cuz we are educating to allways give rights to ours...
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    Hospital Italiano Dentist

    But why they were be horrible with you? What kind of experience did you have? I'm just curious, to know what happened abt the relation dentist-patient. It's good to know these kind of things.
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    Womens fashion boots long

    sorry i forget an important tip dont try to buy over the turist circuit.. i mean.. all the turist move around the same places again and again.. try to find someone who know places around the "capital federal", there are neighboourhoud with some little down towns. anda lots LOTS of...
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    Womens fashion boots long

    Good morning. well i was reading this. and.. i think that you can watch and compare prices and quality ( thats what i do here) there you can find big diference ! the expensive stuff not allways the best. che out the leather quality first,nothing better that use it and wearing...
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    Flights to Brazil

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