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    Horse Riding near BsAs

    50 pesos per hour
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    Good Moving Company?

    Hi, can anybody recommend a good moving company for an international relocation leaving from Argentina? - Thank you for your help! Santi
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    The Chinese shops in the Barrio Chino (Belgrano) have a good selection as well and prices are OK.
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    Any expat event this weekend?

    No replies = no events? I might be going horseback riding tomorrow (Monday) in Parque Pereyra Iraola. That is only 30 minutes from the Microcentro and a nice escape for a day. If someone wants to join, send me a PM and I will check, if I can arrange something.
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    Expats Trekking/climbing/outdoors group...

    A few people go horseback riding in Parque Pereyra Iraola - which is a nice outdoor activity close to BA. This is a "light" outdoor activity which does require much travel or time.
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    Newcomer from Germany

    Hi Tina, welcome to Argentina. I moved from Germany to Bs.As. last year. So if you need specific information, just let me know. The list of recommendable restaurants would be very, very long ... ;-) Enjoy your stay, Santi
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    Help planning a special day/weekend

    Kyra, if you and your boyfriend like horseback riding (or would like to try it in a casual environment), I can recommend a place in Parque Pereyra Iraola (30 min from downtown). They organize little and private events: you can stroll on horsebacks through the scenic park and have a parrilla...
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    recommended reading

    Just adding a comment to JennPiscopo's recommendation: I finished reading "The Ministry of Special Cases" last night. It is a sad story but provides an excellent insight into recent history as well as a hypothesis why Argentines do not trust politicians. Santi
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    Waiting in line at the supermarket

    Good point! .... but learning by doing is not bad either ;-) Honestly, I prefer to walk to the market and have a look at the stuff I buy.
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    Waiting in line at the supermarket

    Why orde online? There is always someone willing to take orders on the phone and deliver to your home immediately. Works not only well with large retailers (jumbo, carrefour etc.) but also with fresh fruit & vegies markets like the one in San Telmo.
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    Waiting in line at the supermarket

    Oh yeah, I had a great experience at Jumbo where all lines were busy and the 10-item line completely free. I had maybe 15 items but the lady prefered staring at customers rather than helping out her colleagues .... must be a specifical benefit for the employees to be assigned to the 10-items &...
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    Expats Trekking/climbing/outdoors group...

    Any body experience with or interest in a tour on the Southern Patagonian Icefield? For example "la vuelta", i.e. the trek around Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre? I have not done it yet but it looks like a pretty nice glaciar tour.
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    Expats Trekking/climbing/outdoors group...

    Richard: do you mean the wall at Peru Beach? I think they have an equimpent rental. 30 meters is pretty short, isn't it? Santi
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    Expats Trekking/climbing/outdoors group...

    Richard, do you mean the one at Peru Beach? I have not checked it out but it looks good. They seem to have an equipment rental but I don't know about the quality.
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    Horse Riding near BsAs

    I was going to organize a horse riding event close to BsAs. A "cabalgata" and a BBQ afterwards or so. Anybody interested in joining? Any suggestions for locations (excluding Estancias)? Thx Santi
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    Expats Trekking/climbing/outdoors group...

    Rich, a climbing wall? Which one? I have been looking for a good wall without success. Thanks Santi
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    searching for a job

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