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    BA 114th in most visited cities This is offcourse a non-list because it does not says the difference between someone who is travelling for business or holiday. I for example arrived 2 times in BA from Europe, 2 times from Uruguay and 1 time from...
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    BA, Montevideo, Sao Paulo or Santiago

    I would say that every city is about expensive if you want to have a good life. I would only just want to talk about quality of life and not like job prospects and the like. The weather is pretty similar as well BA: Advantage: No need for a car if you live in the city Many expats...
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    Expat rollerhockey team

    Hey, I am interested in trying to form a roller hockey team just for expats/foreigners to play in tournaments at Peru beach Some requirements - You must be foreigner - Male and females are both allowed - You must have roller(ice) hockey experience - You must have your equipment here - You...