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    Moving to BA - a few questions

    I am an Irish girl living in BA. There is so many good things about living here, the food is tasty (I love the stuff from the bakeries), the people are so helpful (to me anyway) and the weather is very different to home. BUT it is also hard here. You won't save any money here so make sure you...
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    Another newbie with some questions

    A lovely Irish name to go with a lovely (and modest) Irish girl:) Thanks for all the info senor9lifes, it has given me a head start! And BsAsIrish maybe we should meet up for a coffee (or beer) sometime??
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    Another newbie with some questions

    Hello. I was wondering if someone could help me out, I have been here the last few months and I am slowly adapting to the lifestyle. Overall no major complaints, sure it is very different to home but hey that is part of the charm. Now this next question I know everyone asks and I am sure you...
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    learn spanish quick

    HeyaI am new to Buenos Aires and I am planning to take some classes at UBA. I at starting at the beginning so I need all the help I can get! Could you please tell me more about IBL? Where are they situated? Are they good for beginners? Thanks