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    Trip Report

    I had a lovely time in BA, stayed in wonderful apt located in Recoleta near Starbucks and walked for miles everyday! It is one of the most beautiful metropolitan areas I have every been, even though it rained pretty much daily. Traffic wasn't too bad and learned the subways but preferred taxi...
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    Drinking Tap Water

    My friend who arrived there a few days ago says he is drinking water from the tap. We are renting an apartment in Recoleta, maybe that makes a difference? I don't mind buying bottled water but curious as to what the majority drink there, besides alcohol :)
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    Any Watchers There Following The Celestial Signs

    Anybody around in BA whose been keeping up with the celestial signs fulfilling bible prophecy? I'd love to hear more and wonder if something might happen while visiting there during our trip as some predict for April. Or please feel free to email if you want to keep in touch as more events...
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    Does anyone have a certain GPS that works in both North America and South America? I have the GPS app in my phone but I do not trust my company to have internet signal while on the road there in Argentina and Uruguay. The rent-a-car company offers a GPS but by the time I pay the fee I could...
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    Hi, I am going to visit Buenos Aires in April and decided to take some Argentine Tango classes before I leave. Any suggestions on places to try out my new dance steps? I'll be traveling with a friend who is not taking classes so I might have to tango with a stranger.