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    Kid 'N Play

    I'd like to know if there are any folks out there that miss going out and dancin to ol' school hip-hop? Thinking about throwing an event somewhere, but want to know if there's an interest for it (i know i miss it) before going through the motion : ) xx
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    anything fun this week?

    Do you know if there is a website for the Wine Tour Urbano?
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    anything fun this week?

    HOLA! Dui Dui (Costa Rica 5709), a new bar in Palermo Hollywood is having an after office mixer event this Thursday. The place is a cross between Million and Bar 878. Trendy, awesome drinks, cool crowd and puerto cerado. I think it starts at 9. A bunch of girls (locals and extranjeros) from the...
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    Dating Argentines...

    Hello! Over drinks the other evening a friend shared a story about how he finally decided it was time to break off his relationship with his 6mo long Argentine girlfriend after she became livid about him hanging out with a girl - friend - and threw all his stuff out onto the street. I've...
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    2008 irs

    Hello all... I know I'm a little late, but I am currently looking for a trusted tax accountant/company located in BA to help with my 2008 tax return. If you know anyone, please send contact info my way - THANKS!
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    US IRS Tax Accountant

    I know its past the due date, but I'm looking for someone/company in BA that provides IRS accounting services for expats. Any leads - info would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    PHP / Wordpress coders in BA ?

    Hi Soul I work at a small web development firm here in ba. Im from the states as is my boss and his partner. Please send an email to as Id like to get them in touch with you. Cheers! Christy
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    Want peanut butter? Come and get it!

    Creamy or chunky?
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    Looking for Roomate starting Dec. 3rd. Amazing Renovated Apartment! Double Bed / private bathroom.

    Hi Tanner-san! Im relocating to BA from Tokyo to learn Spanish for 4-6months. Ill be in town in three weeks. If your place is still available when I get in, Id love to meet you and check the place out. A little about me ... Im a 28 yo half Japanese/Puerto Rican female who's taking time off...