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    Courier Service?

    It has taken me almost two months to do the FBI fingerprint and State Department Apostille document here in NYC. Now I need to get the papers to Buenos Aires and want to know the most secure, safest transport. Probably will rule out the USPS even though it is only 44 dollars. Anyone...
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    Exchange pesos to dollars

    I can electronically transfer money from my US account to my Argentine checking account, however the bank will convert dollars to pesos automatically at 4.25. If I want them to change to dollars they will do this at 5.X. Is there a way that I can get more than 1000 USD without paying this...
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    Workaround needed for Migraciones documentation

    I am applying for a renewal of my residencia temporaria as a pensionado. I live near Salta and have been told that my letter from the US Embassy issued 2 years ago stating my income for life from Social Security is no longer valid....that I must present a new one. I can get this form from the...
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    Immigration Lawyer in Salta

    Need a referral. I have residencia and have been here...interrupted....over two years. Living around Salta and would like a face to face with a reliable, knowledgeable attorney who can manage somewhat in English. I can pursue the paper trail on my own; just need top notch information.
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    Artwork authentication

    Last year I bought two Quinquella Martin pieces which I have good reason to believe are genuine. Would anyone have the name and phone number of a person who can authenticate these works? Is is easier just to go to his museum in Boca and ask this question of a curator?
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    Need to find a few cardboard boxes, which in the US is easy. Here they seem to be cleaned up by carteros. In addition want the name and phone number of a small independent mover. Very few things and it will take less than two hours; a car would do it. Date: three weeks from now. Any...
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    Opening night at the Colon

    I pretty much know that this is an "impossible dream" but I would love to BUY a single ticket for opening night. I think 400 dollars (Mercado Libre) is out of my price range, but quote me anything reasonable and it is a buy! Also, I have often purchased tickets from disappointed opera goers...
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    Donation to foreign NFP institution

    Does anyone know if a money donation to a local institution is tax deductible on a US 1040? Is it deductible as a Argentine tax credit?
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    Looking to learn tango nuevo

    I have been living and working in BA for over a year, taken many tango classes (La Viruta), but have yet to get out to more than a few milongas. Looking for a experienced amateur or dance teacher who will accompany me to a few of these events/locations and teach me tango nuevo. Not sure about...
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    Tax question on Bank fees

    Would anyone know if the "hit" i get for ATM withdrawals (which has added up substandially over a year) is a deductible expense in the US tax return.
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    How to handle a theft

    Recent boyfriend split and took my new laptop with him. Friendly requests to return bring no result. He is claiming he left everything that was mine, taking only what was his. Is this 9/10's of the law...and I am out a 1000 dollar machine? I know where he is living but he has make threats...
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    Title search

    How would I find out who owns a particular real estate property? Is this the domain of an escribano? What is the property is a "cooperative" or a large PH that has been subdivided and I would like to know who owns a specific "departmento". Can I assume this is public domain knowledge? Are...
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    Need either Spanish or English speaking, male or female gynecologist of good repute to see privately. Preference for American or European educated, located in Palermo, but for a stellar recommendation will go anywhere in BA. .
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    Abogado-less DNI

    I have gotten my residencia as a jubilado, and also got my CUIL today. Both were done with minimal abogado experience (painful and long but much less expensive) Now I want the DNI. I have my apostiled birth certificate and of course my "Certificado de Residencia Precaria". I believe that the...
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    wanted: 2 bdroom with view or garden

    Responsible NYC homeowner looking for rental for one year. Must be green or see green. Preference for furnished in or near Villa Crespo or Almagro. Budget 1000 USD/month email to