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    Digital Nomad Advice

    Here's a link to a posting about living as a "digital nomad" in Buenos Aires, from internet connectivity to 3G phones...might be something in here for some folks...and I am sure many will have opinions! For those who consider...
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    Patagonia: Need lead on bilingual guides, Christmas slowdown

    A U.S. colleague of mine wants advice on travel in Patagonia....Anyone have experience? She prefers to work with Argentinians (or Chileans or even any of you if possible, rather than folks up north.) Here is her request: "My BA friends are most dear, but the outdoors is not high on their "to...
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    SOS: need real vanilla

    Help! I need real vanilla extract or essence for making my fantastic chocolate chip cookies and brownies. I'd love 12 to 16 ounces...where can I find it BA or even Rosario? I'm willing to make the 3 hour bus ride to BA to get it! (Of course if they ship, even better.) I remembered to bring...
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    Were You Looking for Life Coach in Belgrano?

    Hi...someone in Belgrano was looking for a life coach. The message to me was inadvertantly erased. If you send me a private message, I woud be delighted to respond!
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    Where can mom get face/tummy tucks when she visits me?

    Help! To encourage my 86-year-old mother to visit, I told her she could always combine it with a little cosmetic surgery and recuperate before she goes back. I think she'd find better options in BA and Rosario than here in San Nicolas. Please offer tips on how to go about finding a great...
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    What do you like best about being here?

    So what do you LIKE? What makes it worth staying? I think people want to hear this as well! My answer: The love of my life is here. The focus on friends instead of things. The climate that offers so many gorgeous sunny days. The palo borracho tree. The slower pace. The international mix...
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    Where to get Mexican foods & masa?

    Anyone know where I can find the authentic "masa harina" for making tortillas? Or is there a good substititute? I live far from GBA and will stock up when I visit. Cornmeal here is great for polenta, but not tortillas. (The authentic masa is treated with lime.) Flour tortillas are a snap...
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    Calling 1 800 numbers toll free with AT&T USA Direct

    I just found out that by dialing a special AT&T number that I can indeed call US 1-800 numbers free. For years I've been dialing them and hearing that recording (in Spanish) that says the 800 number that I just dialed is toll free only within the US, and that I would have to pay regular long...
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    Certified Prof Coach - Life & Business

    Are you an expat suffering from indecision or nostalgia? Want more success, joy, and meaning in your life? Then partner with an expat positive psychology coach. I am certified by the International Coach Federation, hold a doctorate in psychology, and have years of successful experience of...
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    Illegal to have English-language books sent here?

    Ayyy! Today I had a total Borgian experience with Customs at Correo Argentina here in San Nicolas. I handed the slip I had rec'd to the Customs official, who poked around the tiny office before setting a small box addressed to me on the counter between us. "What is in it?" he asked. I peered at...