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    Selling A Car. Process Question.

    I am about to sell my car. I'm doing with the dealer to avoid screwing around. Our time in Argentina is complete (for now). The car was a 0KM two years ago. I am going to the DNRPA tomorrow for Formulario 02, 13i and 08. My primary concern. I originally registered the car with my permanent...
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    Macri: The 11 Of December There Will Be One Dollar Thoughts on what this might look like? Will it happen?
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    Brou Banco Republica-Day Trip Colonia

    Anyone doing banking with Banco Republica in Colonia? My main branch is in Montevideo, but it's clearly easier to go to Colonia. I even called BROU to confirm no paros/feriados that day and the things I need to accomplish at the branch. I got their blessing. Hopefully it works. The same day...
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    Apostilla/apostille Certificado De Antecedentes Penales

    I don't believe this has been covered before. I just requested CERTIFICADO DIGITAL DE ANTECEDENTES PENALES from RNR Reincidencia in Córdoba. We need it apostilled as it will be used with the Dutch Embassy. We were instructed to: 1. Download the digital certificate (This should be ready...
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    Qs World University Rankings: Uba #124

    I always take these with the grain of salt, but UBA does pretty well. ALL UBA...
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    Xoom Same Day Pick-Up In Montevideo?

    I have a friend in MVD right now. He'll be there until Wednesday morning before returning to Cordoba. Anyone do a Xoom transfer same day recently to UY? Today is a US bank it technically won't initiate until tomorrow. Locations allow pick up from morning to as late as 22hs. It's...
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    Jolt Act 2015 Us Visa Waiver Program Expansion

    If anyone (US citizens) wants to see Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil added to the US Visa Waiver program sooner than later...might want to add your voice to this. Probably not going anywhere, but hey...never know. The travel industry is certainly behind it. A list of countries that are good...
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    Validate Marriage Abroad In Argentina

    Anyone validate a marriage abroad with the registro in Argentina? I believe the term is "validar matrimonio en el extranjero." It appears that it's a judicial process (federal/provincial?) then a trip to the registro. Is it required? Is there any reason that it would be advisable to do so...
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    Passport Power Index (By Visa Free Travel)

    Found this interesting in WaPo. Ranks passports by visa free travel. Here's the direct link to the index. Argentina places 16. Slightly better than Chile and Brazil. Best in Latin America. I would be curious whether the US rank includes reciprocity fees. I suspect not. I'm surprised a few...
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    American Night At Hard Rock Cafe

    For the estadounidenses not on the State Dept mailing list... Join consular officers from the U.S. Embassy for an American Night happy hour at the Hard Rock Café in Buenos Aires! The event will take place next Wednesday, February 11, from 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. This event provides a chance to...
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    2015 World's Best Places To Retire Index

    Ok. I always take this International Living index with a big grain of salt and I'm not nearing retirement, but it's interesting nonetheless. Argentina didn't even register this year.
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    More Border Controls?

    Not really news to this group, but... The Immigration Department has established new border controls to determine whether foreign citizens who enter Argentina should...
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    Speed Traps / Fotomultas

    Does anyone know whether there are speedtraps (control/radar de velocidad) between Cordoba and Buenos Aires? We're driving down to Pilar tomorrow via Rosario. I made this trip last year and I know there were many from BsAs to Mar del Plata, but I can't remember before that. I wasn't particular...
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    Drive From Mar Del Plata (Mar Chiquita) To Bariloche

    Looking for some advice for a good place to stop between Mar Chiquita (which is north of Mar Del Plata) and Neuquen (ultimately going to Bariloche/Villa La Angostura). We're trying to break up the drive since we're travelling with 6-year old and 20-month old girls. Bahia Blanca is a convenient...
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    Foreigners (Tourists & Non-Res) Cannot Use Ars For Travel

    Bigger news than the 35%...tourists, non-residents must now use foreign instruments for international and domestic Argentine travel according to what I'm reading here. That's a MUCH bigger deal for many. My family and I are permanent residents, but any friends, family and perma-tourists...may...
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    Ciudadanía / Citizenship

    Hello all, My family and I wish to pursue citizenship. We were granted our permanent residency in March 2013 after a single 3-1/2 hour appt....1 hour of which we hung out at a cafe across the street while they prepped our paperwork (not sure whether Córdoba is easier for this trámite). My...