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    Holaaaaa - intro

    Hi, I'm Richard and I just arrived as well. 28 yrs, from Chicago. Will be here for up to a year. Would be interested to meet natives and ex-pats; also any recommendations for Spanish schools for an intermediate level speaker. I'm staying in Recoleta for time being...
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    Pros/cons of areas to live?

    Thank you everybody for your thoughts and advice. As advised I think I'm going to try and find a short-term (1-2wk) rental in Palermo or Las Canitas and look for someplace more permanent from there. Which begs the next question: Aside from using websites like or...
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    Pros/cons of areas to live?

    Hello all, I am moving down to B.A. for a few months in a few weeks and have been perusing message boards, travel books, etc. to learn more about expectations. One thing which doesn't seem so clear is the pros and cons of where to live, esp. based on basic profiles of people and what fits...