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    pay as you go mobile

    does anyone know of a store to buy a pay as you go cell phone. sorry to ask a possilby simple question, but I pay for them inute on th einterent and font want to search, its not just laziness. thanks!
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    English Language Schools

    Just curious if you negotiate with schools in English or in Spanish. My Spanish is okay, but I wouldn't feel very comfortable negotiating.
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    Cab ride from airport

    thanks a lot
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    Cab ride from airport

    Can anyone say roughly how much a cab ride would cost from the airpot to Villa Crespo would be?
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    Power adapters

    thank you all! I almost went to a radioshack where they prey on people like myself.
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    Power adapters

    Can anyone let me know if it is cheaper to buy a power adapter from the US standard to Arg's standard in the states or there?
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    Getting Medications in Pharmacies

    to clarify: you were able to buy albuterol without a problem? did you have a prescription written? how did the price compare to home? also, do you know about buying advair by chance?
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    Moving in September-help!

    I do HAVE money. Having money is not spending money. I must not understand the price of everyday items in BA if $10,000 is recomended. I spent 6 months in Rome and spent under $5000. Also, CABJ-You and I disagree on what is crazy (and what is arrogant and rude)
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    Bed/Breakfast vs hostel/hotel

    Just wondering if anyone here has any recommendations on B and B's. I'm looking for a place to set up camp before finding an apartment. Any experiences with good/bad places would be appreciated. Thanks alll
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    Moving in September-help!

    5-10K???????? that may be never!!
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    Moving in September-help!

    I do not have much money....I'd like to get a job and home within a few weeks. at least a home and decent job.
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    Asthma medication

    Does anyone know if I will have trouble buying prescription Asthma medication over the counter? I've heard that pharmacies will accept US scripts? is this true?thanks everyone/anyone
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    Moving in September-help!

    I'm leaving chicago to teach english in about a month and I'm getting nervous. I am planning to stay at a hostel until I find a place to rent. My main concern is health insurance. Specifically for filling prescriptions, not emergency care. Debit/ Credit cards are my other concern. I...
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    Looking for a room to rent

    Hi, I'm looking for a room to rent for at least 6 months. I'm a 23 year old English language teacher, new to the city.