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    Anybody Have An Old Netbook Notebook To Sell?

    The videocard in my Asus bid me a final farewell. Fixing is not an option as it is integrated on the motherboard. Funds are low so I am looking for a basic used something that is wifi capable ,works and is for sale for the price of two pizzas (grande ;) ) Anybody got something they want to sell...
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    Fuller's London Pride And London Porter Sighted

    Tina & Co almost at the corner of Mendoza and Arribeños are now stocking Fuller´s London Pride and Fuller´s London Porter beer. Bring the big wallet though as a can sets you back 86 pesos.
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    Rio De La Plata Sailing Trips

    We have 4 spaces this Saturday afternoon to spend a few hours on the river on a sailboat, letting the wind blow around your nose and relax a little from everyday city life. It is a 3 hour+ trip that includes a snack and a beer. Price per person is 400 pesos. If you are interested please send...
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    Reliable Cleaning Agency For A Once Off Appointment

    I need to find a reasonable cleaning agency for an acquaintance to clean a very large apartment this weekend . Has anybody got experience or even just a tip as to who to approach? Many thanks in advance.
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    Dr Pepper,mountain Dew, Thai Coconut Milk And Swiss Maid

    No,no, that is not my dinner menu but all the products I saw today in a new store in Barrio chino. Yes indeed ,in an economic crisis we have a new store. It is called Tina & Co on Mendoza. Basically when you come from teh direction of the train station turn right and it is almost immediately on...
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    Facing Facts And Selling My Rollerblades

    A chronic ankle injury prevents me from using them . If anybody is interested please send me a pm.
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    Is Anyone Really Desperate For Grape Soda?

    I ask as I discovered some in Liniers. Fanta Uva from Bolivia or Brazil ( I did not see the can up close) I say desperate though as the can of 330ml will set you back 25 pesos . Bottles I have not seen. If you are interested I can bring it to Palermo for you.
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    Does Anyone Have Dan Brown Inferno

    in English and would consider selling it ? Thanks .
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    Restaurant Owned By Ex Cameroon Football Player - El Buen ..

    El Buen Sabor (Villa Crespo) Maxime Tankouo, un ex futbolista camerunés que reside en la Reina del Plata desde hace años, propone platos de inspiración africana a precios que no lastiman el bolsillo. Por ejemplo, el sudafricano bobotie, pastel de carnes con especias, almendras fileteadas...
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    Another Place For Spices And Herbs La Simbolica In San Telmo

    La Simbólica Carlos Calvo 708 4300-5810 Lunes a Sábado, 8-13hs, 15-19:30hs It is a very old store . I visited once during an aimless stroll without taking note of the address etc but today I came across this article.
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    Minibar/under Worktop Fridge For Sale ?

    Is anybody selling one ? It looks like ours has not survived Mother nature´s tantrum.I will get someone to look at itin case it is something silly but just incase and to save time I am also asking here . The kind I am looking for is the under worktop size. Thank you.
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    Imports Are Making A Comeback

    large supermarket chains will again be permitted to import food items in the high end range. Products to be seen soon on the shelves are cheeses,pastas,cookies,condiments caaned goods and alcoholic drinks. Below the full article...
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    Looks Like There Is A New Indian In Town- Vrindavan

    I have not been there, just found it in Planeta Joy
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    April 1St Picnic - Cancelled

    Are people around on Monday for a picnic ? The place is the same as the cancelled one last Sun (Plaza Sicilia), the time is the same 1pm, the idea is the same that this is a friendly get together where you bring along good mood, good food and leave any commercial interests at home ( if you had...
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    Sailing Easter

    Me and my local partner have still got two places available for tomorrow and good Friday for a sailing excursion in the early afternoon. If anyone is at a loose end and would like to try something new send me a mail and I will let you know the costs involved.
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    Real Corn Tortillas - What A Pleasant Surprise

    Well, I finally did my trip to provincia today to see a Mexican lady that makes tortillas artesanales and it was well worth it . I came back with 2 dozen tortilla and a nicely spicy red chile salsa, great for tacos . What surprised me so pleasantly was that they were indeed made as even in...
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    End Of Summer Picnic - Cancelled

    End of summer picnic ! Date : Sun 24/3/2013 1pm Location : Bosques de Palermo (map will follow later) What to bring : Essentials : yourself , as your private self without commercial interests along with good mood something to eat and drink to share with others ideally...
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    Mexican Tamales

    I might be able to get hold of mexican tamales pork or chicken en chile rojo. It will mean a trip into the province so I thought I offer to bring them here as people are looking for foods that are out of the ordinary. They are homemade .Cheap they are not,big they are not . One tamal is 20...
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    Hospital Ex Casa Cuna De La Plata - Diapers /nappies

    You might have heard about the youngest swimmer to successfully cross from Uruguay to Argentina in total 42 kms,not a mean feat.Well, his idea was to get people to sponsor him for nappies/diapers,but so far has only received few. Canal 5N is now supporting him and receiving donations of diapers...
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    Is It Not Time For Another Baexpats Picnic ?

    Some may remember the picnic Ries organised in Bosques de Palermo.Would you be interested ? I had in mind a pre superbowl picnic on FEB 3, but just a suggestion.